Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chance : Snow banks and a heart

Hiya!  It’s me Chance.  My turn..finally!

It snowed and we have some huge snow banks..I have to climb them so Far Side can get some pictures.

Blinded momentarily

Far Side said I was a turd..but some stray bit of sunlight momentarily blinded me.

THEN she wanted me higher up on the snow bank.

Hey Chance

There was a branch up there ready to poke my eye out.

Stop chewing on the tree

So I chewed it off.


How is this?  Whatdayamean my eyes are closed..I can see out of little tiny slits.

Chance being a turd

This is not the first time I posed on this snow bank.  Tuesday she needed pictures of my heart side. Didyaknow I have a heart side?

Feb 12 photo Chances Heart

I have a big, big heart can you see it right there on my shoulder?  Happy Valentines Day! :)

Chance yawning


  1. I see your HEART Chance! Sweet Valentine's Day wishes from us to each of you!

  2. Oh, you are so sweet and patient. Love your heart side!

  3. Love Chance's adventures and I'd never noticed his heart before. My cat has one on his chest, if you re-arrange the fur a bit :-) Jo

  4. Happy Love Day Chance, you do look beautiful in all your pictures......Hugs Francine.

  5. Happy Valentines Day Chance from Miggs . Wonderful photos ! Oh and tell Far Side I saw and heard the Robin on Tuesday and did a post and photo as I was in awe and couldn't believe how early he had come back !

  6. Happy Valentines day to Chance from Reba and Tess! They say to tell Far Side that the eyes are just the inscrutable look, very becoming and mysterious!
    Love your heart Chance.

  7. You are so sweet Chance to do all of that posing! Happy Valentine's Day!!

  8. Happy Valentine's Day, Chance!!!

  9. Oh, you DO have a heart side, Chance! That's a lot of snow, but I'll bet it will be melting soon with all that sunshine in the last picture. :-)

  10. We don't have hardly any snow like Chance does. Darn. How can I be expected to catch squirrels if there is no deep snow.?

  11. Wow Chance, you have a lot of snow...but that's a good thing, because you made it easier to see the heart on your shoulder.

    Happy V day to you.


  12. What a perfect Valentine's Heart!



  14. Your are such a great helper. I like all of you work that you do on top of the drifts. Have a good day.

  15. Lovely heart! Happy Valentines Day!

  16. As always, you're a great lookin' dog. I like the big yawn. I didn't know you had a big heart!

  17. You take great pictures, Chance! Happy Valentines day to you, too!
    Hope you all have a wonderful Friday. ♥

  18. Love your heart side!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you Far Side and Far Guy!!!

  19. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Far Side and everyone else living there. I do love your heart - thanks for showing us!

  20. Oh, Chance! I always knew you were a sweetie!

  21. Chance, will you be my valentine? I think I love you!

  22. OMGosh Chance! We see it! We see it! That is SO cool! Happy Valentine's Day to you too. Annie is in shock though...she's never seen snow that deep and now she's scared to go North like Sam's been talking about. I keep telling her she'll just have to tunnel but she's afraid of being buried alive. I also told I'd dig her out if anything like that happened. But now she's having bad dreams at night and waking us all up. I wish I'd never let her see your picture with all that snow....geez! The next thing you know she'll probably have to have therapy. What's up with those little dogs anyway.....size? Ha! Ha! Ha! Just kidding...I love Annie and she can be real tough when she needs to be. You be careful up there on those snowbanks....the things they make us go through sometimes! God love 'em.
    Your Pal,


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