Saturday, February 2, 2013


It was a tad chilly early in the morning on February 1.  It makes you wonder what the rest of the month will be like. –38 F is –38C..finally we are on the same number..cold.

Welcome February

I took this photo..hoping it wouldn’t drop any lower and went back to bed where it was toasty warm.

It was 32F on Tuesday the high for the week..that is 70 degrees difference in temperature from Tuesday to Friday.  Weird weather or what?

Chance had a difficult time outside..he kept lifting up his front feet one at a time.  This brutal weather is hard on our pets too. 

The birds were here in huge flocks today. 100’s of little Redpolls, the usual Chickadees and Nuthatches and even two Blue Jays, oh and the Woodpeckers.  I have been stalking a Red-Bellied Woodpecker he is very shy.  We had more Turkeys than normal too..the usual group of 8 increased to 13 today. ..perhaps visiting relatives.

What do we do when the weather is so cold?  Stayed home..I worked on Museum “stuff” and Far Guy putzed all day..he and Chance walked to the mailbox about noon..the warmest part of the day.  I had a good long nap and woke up just in time for supper…Far Guy was the Chef yesterday!

It would have been a good day to go out and get some photographs but it was just too cold. 

I am still working on my list..I better punch it up into high gear February is a short month:)

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  1. Now that is cold! Brrr! It's even cold down here in Florida, got to 36 degrees last night. But that is on the plus side of zero! :-)

  2. Oh I hear so fridgid here to......what to do?????? Keep Toasty, Francine.

  3. Sure is weird weather;we had 50 one day and then the next down in the 20's. Crazy, crazy!

  4. Yep, the only way to cope with such bitter cold is to stay inside. Sending warm thoughts your way.

  5. My mind just can't wrap around that cold!

    Stay warm.

  6. We've had such weird weather here in Michigan too. It goes from one extreme to the other.I think we've had nearly every kind of weather there could be in the past week. Makes me want to hibernate till spring.
    ~Laura (formerly from A Happy Simple Life)

  7. Feb 1st was a nice sunny day for us but today it is snowing heavily and cold our birdies go into feeding frenzy when it snows like it is and there is a loud chatter coming from the yard as they flutter around eating , I love it , with all the snow falling it is so pretty even though I am dreaming of spring now ! Have a good day !

  8. Photos are not worth frostbite. Chance - watch those puppy foot pads, it doesn't take long for them to get cracked in this cold.

  9. "Chilly" is a very good post heading. You could also use frigid. It's good that you can stay in for the worst of this.

  10. Numbers like that are just incomprehensible to me. Poor Chance! Does he have dog boots for his paws in that cold? :)

    1. Hi Jacqi Nope no dog boots, I am not sure he would keep them on:)

  11. A nap during the bitter cold sounds good to me! Having FG be chef for the day sounds great, too! Hope it warms up soon.

  12. Ah, but this is why I love Minnesota. :-) It gets to 15 degrees or something after it's been below zero and suddenly we're warm!


  13. I saw your comment on Day by Day with Beth Marie and see that you are from Minnesota. I am from Minnesota too so decided to come by for a visit. We've had extremely cold weather hear too. I don't think as cold as your's but the wind chill was really down there. I live in SW Minnesota and we really get the wind here.
    I enjoyed looking though your blog and also your photo blog.

  14. Crazy weather everywhere, just like last year.
    Stay warm!


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