Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chance : Playing Ball With Lefty

Hello! It is I Chance the wonder dog, I get to guest blog again today! We went to the "city" for Easter, Far Side has "city" rules, they are different from country rules. She says " Blah Blah traffic Blah Blah Listen Blah Blah play ball Blah Blah Listen" the other rule is less complicated... "Pee before going in the house" I always try to get by with this one, as I run wildly toward the door, I am so anxious to see my girls. Far Side says "Chance, Come" .. so I do.. she points and says "Pee" and I do. Anything to get into that house. I love my girls, you know they lived with me for ten months, and I got to see them every day!

Ah, the girls, they are giggly heaven, they call me Chancey...they like my kisses. Sometimes they let me wash their entire face..one is starting to wear makeup..so she tastes a little funny. After all the kissing..it is time to find a ball. I do and I know I can get Maddie to play ball, IF Maddie can convince Far Side that we can be allowed to go outside together. Far Side says "NO, not now, he must be supervised." OVERPROTECTIVE isn't she? Finally we get to go out. More rules...pay attention.. there are German Shepherd dogs across the street in their yard barking..should I go over and say Hi? Far Side says "No" She is SO bossy. " Get back here and play ball or you will go inside." I love to play ball..and it is allowed as long as I pay attention, and mind. I am such a good boy.

Maddie has quite an arm! The wind up...
The pitch..yes she is a lefty...but I don't mind

Off like a flash..
I always bring the ball back
Aren't I handsome running with a ball in my mouth!

We can't play ball for a real long time in the city..because they have an Ass-Fault drive, which is way different for my sensitive country, dirt road and grass pads on the bottom of my feet. I am a Border Collie, I like to "herd" but I am very ball driven. One time in Nebraska Far Side was not paying attention until I began to limp..by then I had ripped up my pads something painful..but I still wanted to play ball. It took a whole week for my pads to heal. So I guess it is a good thing I have Far Side and Far Guy to watch out for my feet. On the way home, Far Side said "Chance you did real good, but we need to work some more on your off leash skills, she wants me to be perfect all the time." Far Guy is a push over.. he just says "Get back here, and good boy." I guess I was a little wild during the Easter Egg hunt..running willy nilly trying to help the girls who were also running willy nilly to find hidden eggs..three girls and only one of me..that was quite a challenge for a Border Collie that wants to herd children:)

All photos taken with the HP now busted camera.


  1. Hi Connie - Chance is such a sweet fellow. I love how Chance told you what to write. That is such a cute post. Have a good day.

  2. What a fun post Connie! That last picture of Chance is just precious with the ball in his mouth. Give him hug from me and Harriet.

  3. I love Chance's posts! Border Collies and their chasing of balls...it is never ending. Speaking of BC's, I have one up over on the Charlie Project you might like to see. He's ten years old and doesn't look a day over two! :)

  4. Chance is so fun! I love reading about his adventures. What fun he had with his "girls"!
    Too bad on that camera but congrats on your new one! Have fun!

  5. Hi Chance! You look sooooooo handsome chasing that ball. I bet it's fun playing ball with the kids. Don't be too hard on Far Side, she really does have your best interests at heart. It's called LOVE. :)

    Hugs & Kisses,
    Emma Rose

  6. No sore pads today, eh Chance? You are quite a typist!!! Nice of Far Side to share with you! But, oh such a handsome fella, of course she'd share!

  7. Awe Chancey...you spin a good tail...er..you know what I mean...what a guy you are and boy do you have fun. Guess what? Today is my Jack Russell Obie's birthday...he's 9!! Check him out on my blog....he'd like that and I know he would love meeting you! Right now he is eating his birthday bone in the kitchen so he's really not paying much attention or I'd show him your blog. You are my absolute favortie type of dog Chance! Tell Far Side and Far Guy to let up on you a little...you're a free spirit who needs to roam once in a while! I can tell from the pictures that you are very handsome and really fit. I am sure you have a girlfriend or two. Obie's step sister Zoe would love you! Boy I knowo Far Side and Far Guy do...what a lucky dog!

  8. Ah you make me giggle as only a fellow Border Collie owner can!

  9. Love the pics of you, Chance! Sounds like you had a great time with the ball, just like my Oscar. He also went on an Easter egg hunt and ate one! We had no idea whether he was allergic to chocolate or not, but luckily, he was OK... got a good stomach, thank goodness!

  10. I'd love to come watch you run, you sweet mutt.

  11. Yay Chance, he has such fun! We do have to watch out for them, though, don't we? Tori will fetch a frisbee forever, til her tongue is practically hanging on the ground. I have to HIDE the frisbee to get her to lay down and rest!


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