Sunday, May 26, 2024

Family History

 I have to back up a bit in our recent family history.  Back to February 24, 2024 the day of my Mother's funeral and interment.  ( Just in case someone a long time from now wonders...or wants to know because they were not there)

Mom's urn at the church was carried out by her granddaughter Rachael (aka Toots), followed by all of Mom's granddaughters...except for one who was unable to attend.

Luckily because of the warmer than normal Minnesota Winter weather we were able to go to the cemetery for the interment of ashes.  My other baby brother, Nephew Josh and a few others not sure who...dug down to the double vault that contained my Father's urn. 

The Granddaughters bringing the Urn up the hill. 

Mom's urn joins Dad's  ( he has a prayer book that he had with him in Korea on top of his urn)

Our daughter Jen dropping her flower and her sister's flower into the urn vault. 

We visited the grave this week. 

May 22, 2024 the spot that was dug up was reseeded by my baby brother.  New grass will grow there eventually.  The cemetery high on the hill is beautiful in the Spring, the green so intense this year that it almost hurts your eyes. 

Dad's Veterans foot marker is not in place yet nor is his flag holder.  Mom's date of death has not been engraved into the headstone as of yet.

It all takes time.  I for one was very thankful that we could inter Mom's ashes in February, after Dad died in December of 2022  his ashes were not interred until the end of July in was a very long seven months for was like the grieving process was halted.  I know we all grieve differently but that waiting was difficult.

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DJan said...

What a peaceful place to be laid to rest. Thank you for the update. It is a difficult thing to mourn for our lost loved ones, but necessary.

Maebeme said...

Your parents have a lovely spot to rest together.

My parents died in 2003 and 2008, Mom was first. After Dad died, my brother and I went out to gravesite to tell her (as if she didn't already know), and discovered that her grave marker was on the wrong site. Sadly, we hadn't been back before that as Dad had the marker placed. They did move it before Dad's funeral. Then when I purchased his marker, they engraved his name incorrectly. It was at least a year before his marker was in place. I've been back once, last summer when my daughter and I took the grandson to visit my hometown.

Linda Reeder said...

Now that they are both at rest, and their resting place is surrounded in green, you can rest too. Peace be with you.

Sandra said...

This is a beautiful spot to spent eternity. I can understand your needing your dad interred to find solace.

LouC said...

What a beautiful memory. No right and no wrong way to grieve and no timetable but your own. No one else can say how you feel or how you cope. Thank you for sharing this very special moment.

Val Ewing said...

This is a pretty spot. We went to visit the grave of my in laws and hubby and I placed flowers.
To visit where my Dad's ashes are, I'd have to fly to Hawai'i. That was the place my father always found serenity and peace.

Rita said...

Yes, dying in the winter up here makes for long waiting periods before the ground isn't frozen. I am so glad you didn't have to wait. What a beautiful spot, Connie! said...

You honored both your parents in such a beautiful way. I didn't know you could have a burial/grave site if you were cremated. I would love to do that for Jim and have a grave site near mine. I think decisions must be easier when you all still live in the area too.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

So lovely the spot and that they are together, my parents are buried together but not in such a lovely spot

Betsy said...

The spot where your parents are buried is beautiful and so green. It's like that here this year too. I plan to go to my parents grave in a couple of weeks and take flowers. To Dennis's Dad's and little sisters graves and both of his sets of grandparents. All are buried close together in Forest Lawn. If you take flowers for Memorial Day, they dispose of ALL of them the next week, so I wait a few weeks and then they remain all summer.
Dennis and I are also being creamated and we've told Mandy to do whatever she wants with the ashes. We already have our headstone at Forest Lawn, (we have had it for 44 years!)

Jim and Barb's Adventures said...

I am sure your parents would be very proud of your family for doing that. What a special and memorable event.

diane in northern wis said...

Thank you for sharing these very touching pictures, Connie. Your parents have a beautiful spot in that cemetery. God Bless them and your whole family.

Galla Creek said...

You did really great. I could not intern Larry’s for 4 years after he passed. So silly of me I know. Was difficult.