Friday, April 28, 2017

A Square Basket

I was not sure what kind of a basket I would make this year for May Day. I had paper at home, but would it be right for the project…how many glittery sticks did I have tucked away upstairs?  One day I had some time in between appointments so I went for the basic supplies…heavy card stock paper, some glittery fuzzy sticks and some washi tape.  I hemmed and hawed at the paper choices, I chose a pack of paper that had many spring like colors!

Oh and candy…candy or flowers are the most important element of a May Basket. I always do candy!

I have never made a square box before…but I like to work with paper and I like puzzles…and parts of this project is like a puzzle.
May Basket 1
May Basket two
May Basket 3
Step #9 is the hardest.  Practice make perfect! 

I use a bone folder to make my creases.  I lost misplaced my good one, but found an old one that works just fine. I did end up with some paper damage on the edges from the bone folder…different paper may have worked better.  But hey it is a box!

I made a paper handle and decorated it with the glittery fuzzy sticks and stapled them in place…and covered the staples with washi tape.  What?  Never heard of washi tape?  It is just pretty scotch tape…it comes in a roll with many designs and colors. Mine looks like confetti…very spring like!
I added tissue paper and candy!

You can use paper smaller than 12x12 but it must be square.  10x10 or 8x8 might work but your box would be smaller.

I am folding and folding, I have 14 plus baskets to do. I have 7 done.  I have time, May Day is Monday…and you have time to make a basket too…it doesn’t have to be fancy smancy.

I will deliver a couple of baskets before May Day, but the rest will be delivered on Monday.
The tradition as I know it:  You decorate baskets fill them with candy and you take them to neighbors and friends.  You go up to a door and hang the basket on the door knob, knock and then run, because someone will chase you and try to kiss you.  I am old, I will settle for a hug…because I am not running away.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Connie, These are so cute! I will have to make one for our little neighbor girl. I have always enjoyed your May Day posts.
Happy Weekend.

Cynthia said...

Those turned out very cute. I used to have fun as a kid and then with my kids doing this. We weren't as creative as you, though. They were construction paper cones and staples when I was growing up so that's what my kids made. Fun times.

Sam I Am...... said...

Awesome and thanks for the tutorial! What fun to make and to give.....Happy May Day!

linda m said...

I think your baskets turned out perfect. They are so cute. Have fun delivering them and I hope you get lots of hugs. Have a great weekend.

DJan said...

Very clever! I would love to find one of these on my own doorknob, but it's probably a bit of a stretch even for you. :-)

sillygirl said...

Candy? We always put flowers.

Leah said...

I love those - such a great tradition and fun for you for all those littles to deliver to :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

here in Minnesota we do candy, there is still snow on the ground. :)

Tired Teacher said...

I'm thrilled that you are preparing May baskets! I know they brighten the recipients day. Thanks for the photo tutorial on how to make the square baskets.

Red said...

Good job. I get lost on the folding business.

Rita said...

These turned out really cute. Quite the folding job! Chocolate candy sounds really good to me right now. Yum!

Anonymous said...

The baskets are very cute! I like the added color of the tissue paper, too. I wouldn't ring 'n run with May Day baskets either. Just sayin' hello is fine. Have fun handing them out!

L. D. said...

I did teach this to students a few years back. I would provide them with one size of sheet and then another sheet that would be a little bit smaller. You then can put them open faces together to make a box. You are getting some great baskets out of them.

Linda Reeder said...

I got lost on the folding directions.
I love it that you carry on this tradition, and you have such fun doing it.

Granny Marigold said...

Cute baskets. I'm fairly sure no one around here has heard of May baskets and no doubt would think I was some weirdo if I hung one on their door. Too bad though.

Jacqi Stevens said...

Hard to believe it is almost May! We just flew cross country, and it seemed the entire continent was covered with clouds. And the wind, when we got home...well, it was more like March going out "like a lion" than April showers bringing in May flowers. That poem is not going to work for most of the country this year, I think...

Karen said...

I think that it is only from you that I have heard of May baskets. Meredith, many years ago, made little tiny boxes with lids, probably the same way. The fronts of Christmas cards were used to make the top, and maybe the back of the card to make the bottom? They were about an inch high and two inches on each side. Perfect for a brooch or pair of earrings or something tiny.