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Watery Wednesday : April 13, 1997

These are emails I sent to family and friends in 1997 during the flood.  Emails went to: Jennifer, Carey, Jan and Ron, Katie, Laura, Ardith, Arlene, Cathie, Lorri and Kelly, Hans and  Debbie.

Subject: Still Pumping

Hello everyone!  Thank you for ALL your encouraging messages and prayers!

Today we are down to three pumps pumping. Finally shut off the big gas pump that hurts your ears.  We are maintaining with two electrics in the water, and of course our faithful sump pump in the basement.

Yesterday the water went down an inch, today an inch and a half.  Water is still on the dikes so we have to be watchful, it is encouraging to see the level go down, but we know we are still not out of the woods, but the situation is improving.  We can have water rising again because of ice jams, back flow from the Red River, dikes breaking etc. and the Sheyenne still has not crested. 

We are weary, its been a long struggle.  Mom and Dad will be back tomorrow maybe with the dogs, we will see.

The weather report is for good weather no rain and a slow decrease of water.

Gene says he hurts everywhere, he just woke up from a nap.  WE are officially disaster victims now, we registered with FEMA and you can call us water rats, mice is more accurate as they run over your boots quite often or boat people.  Even tho I have not been in it yet, tomorrow maybe I will row around!

Today Gene moved the boat up to the deck enough of the ice has melted so we can go across the lake.  You are all invited (Kelly especially) to help dump sand bags!!!! We have approximately 1800 of them to dump, each weighing between 40-60 IBS.

I have decided not to go to summer session at NDSU, I will take 30 days off, then re evaluate the second session.  I will have at least two weeks of classes to catch up with, luckily one of my instructors lives one mile west of us, so he has great sympathy and the others will be okay too.
April 13 Harwood Flood
The deck and the sand bags
April 13 Harwood Flood two
April 13 1997 Harwood Flood three
April 13 1997 Harwood Flood four
Taken from the garage the cul de sac is filling with water.
April 13 1997 Harwood Flood five
Neither of us can remember who took over for us when we went to register with FEMA.  I believe that Harvey our next door neighbor came over to watch our pumps.  Someone must have picked us up in a big boat to take us across the water to the landing where our vehicle was.  I recall we headed for Downtown Fargo and went into some building with very high ceilings to register and I am quite certain we went together.

The boat I am referring to was a Duck Boat that my parents brought over for us to use.
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Sam I Am...... said...

You must have been exhausted from it all! Thank goodness you had family and friends. I can't imagine what I would do if that happened here. The ice storm proved to me I am 'on my own' here...big reason why I need to go back North. Single women here are a 'pox' or at least I am! LOL!

Karen said...

It must have been exciting to see the water level decreasing, even though you knew you weren't out of the woods (floods) yet.

Rita said...

Some Wednesdays it must feel exhausting just to write about this ordeal. ;)
BTW--snowed last night here now, too.

Paula said...

Oh my goodness. We just don't know how lucky we are until we see something like this!!

Red said...

I'll bet you look back and say, "I could never do this today."

L. D. said...

That really did have to be a frustrating time.