Thursday, April 27, 2017

For the birds

Many things are for the birds right now.  SNOW being in the middle of that list.

We had some different visitors.

Fat bird in the snow

This is a fat bird…might be an Oregon Junco passing through…maybe not.  I am not a bird expert. Maybe he isn’t fat…perhaps he is all puffed up because it is so cold.

Fighting birds

One of the resident Woodpeckers had a fight with these visitors.


Waiting out the snow storm

This little fellow found a place to hide from the snow and eat at the same time.   A short time later…a very large bird flew in and all the little birds scattered.

a hawk (2)

Some kind of Hawk….a Immature Coopers Hawk is my best guess.

Far Guy saw a White Throated Sparrow…just one. No photo.  Different birds are migrating through the area.

It snowed.  We got about 1 1/2 inches, if we get 3 inches or more at the snow stick my good friend Iggy will win a wood carving because he guessed April 15.  From the sound of the weather forecast it is a possibility.

Guess what next Monday is??   More about May Baskets tomorrow….you should think about buying some candy or flowers to make a May Basket!!

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linda m said...

Love your bird pictures. The "fat bird" at the beginning looks like a Junco to me. Sorry about the snow. At least you aren't manning the rafts like we are. All it does is rain around here. My yard is so wet we can't even walk on the grass without sinking in.

DJan said...

You are the one who made me aware of May baskets. I'd better get cracking! :-)

Patsy said...

Ours was cold rain---
Yes they did raise the temperature in the pool,
A lot just stop coming.I didn't go for a month.

Anonymous said...

No, not snow! Nice variety of birds in your yard. I always look forward to your May Day post. We have thunderstorms this morn.

Mac n' Janet said...

Can't believe you're still getting snow, poor birds, poor you! It will be 90º here tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

You got more snow than we did in the cities, but we got some. Looks like a Junco to me, too. May Day treats was on my list for today!

Tired Teacher said...

Too many cats hanging around my neighborhood, so bird sightings are slim. More snow in the forecast here for tonight and tomorrow.

Linda W. said...

Sorry about the late's always a bummer when you're ready for spring!

Rita said...

The birds that just came north seemed to be in a panic over the snow. I fed them on my patio several times. All day they came to chow down like it was their last meal. I could almost hear them saying--what the hell!? LOL! The same this morning. But here in Fargo it is supposed to get up to 40s and 50s shortly so it should all melt away in no time. :)

I think Iggy should get a carving just for the freakishness of this snow, eh? ;)

Red said...

You have dark eyes juncos. They have a habit of visiting during very inclement weather.

Sam I Am...... said...

Great photos and look at that snow! If it was November I wold be excited for you...but your birds are really cool. It was nice here today but more storms are on the way...fickle Spring!

The Furry Gnome said...

Looks like a junco to me.

Leah said...

We have had those Junco's here too (many of them). Brrr this (I don't mind snow person) is certainly waiting for warmer weather!

Linda Reeder said...

Growing up in Oregon, we called those juncos snowbirds. We Only saw them in winter. They were appropriate visitors to your snowing yard.