Saturday, April 8, 2017

Ongoing Projects: Cards and Photos

I have been playing with some stamps and watercolor pencils and my water brush.
Water color paper works the best.  I cut it to the proper size on my big paper cutter.  I stamp the cards, then I use watercolor pencils to add some color and then mush it around with my water brush.  A water brush is a squeezable reservoir with a brush attached to the top, you tip it over and squeeze out a little water to moisten your brush.

I have been sorting through all the family photos I found here and there over the winter and marking them properly.  It will keep me busy a few more days.

I found a bunch more photo Christmas cards and filed them properly.  I found enough that I had to start another three ring binder.  

The binders that I made for the grands are working great for me.  Adding items is so much easier since I got organized!

I am still working on Mikey’s blanket.
My desk is a mess again…
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  1. Nice cards, for sure. You are so organized it's scary. :-)

  2. The mess far outweighs the productiveness you have had this winter at your desk!!!

  3. I love your cards! Much better method for those big stamps which I have a bunch of. I may have to add those items to my supply list! LOL! Just what I need...another craft! But I have been wanting to make my own cards for years now. I think I should make binders for the grands too as the refrigerator is full of their artwork and school photos! I just can't get over how pretty those cards are!

  4. Homemade cards are the best - personal as well as pretty.

  5. I absolutely LOVE the flowers in the jar stamp and how you painted them!! I felt blessed when I opened mine. I will write back soon, Connie. Been sick for a couple of weeks but I think I am finally on the mend--whew! Your handmade cards were a needed bright spot. Thanks so much! :)

  6. My desk is sitting all alone in the corner of the basement. There are containers here and there makes Larry's desk. I can't decide where I am going to put the desk so I will be in limbo for a while longer. Your cards look really great. I makes the recipient feel closer because you made it. My wife has a friends that makes her own cards and she works in antique buttons on them.

  7. Not much can be accomplished without making a mess.

  8. There's never a dull moment with you. That's the way to ,live.

  9. You do keep busy! I enjoy using the watercolor pencils, too.

  10. Your card creations are always wonderful.
    With all of your projects, I suspect your desk isn't so much messy, as just busy!


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