Friday, April 21, 2017

More signs of spring

We took Chance to the groomer, Georgia gave him the works.

He was a little disgruntled with us this time…he musta missed a few of his naps and got cranky.  He was not cooperative at all when I wanted to take his photo.

Chance April 20

What a turd.  But a clean one.  I keep telling him he is handsome but he just ignores me.

The Sedum has popped up.

Sedum April 20

Yeah for green and growing things!


We have a patch of Bluestem on the east side of the house.  It was a mess, we cleaned it all up one day and hauled off two wheelbarrows of dry stuff.  We also worked on the dry rock bed that is behind the Bluestem.

We still have many twigs in the yard, we are making progress, little by little, soon the grass will be long enough I can just chop up the remaing sticks with the mower!

Far Guy heard the first Loon on April 18th.  I have not heard them yet.

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  1. Tell Chance he looks terrific and handsome as ever. Glad Spring is finally arriving at your house. I know what you mean about yard clear up, we are still trying to clean ours up after this winter. Biggest problem we have is it keeps raining, so the grass and ground is always soaked. Have a great weekend.

  2. It's so nice to see the green growing things, all right. Time to think about preparing my vegetable garden for planting. :-)

  3. Chance is handsome even if he ignores you. A loon! I don't get to hear them much here in the cities. I will see one occasionally on the lake near my house, but I don't remember ever hearing them call. I'm going to be outside raking up pine cones tomorrow, I think.

  4. So glad spring has arrived! Can't wait to hear the loons! Chance looks nice and probably feels better being more handsome.

  5. The first loon, how exciting. One of my favorite sounds in the world.
    Bob also got the works yesterday and she smells so nice. Well, to us anyway. Tell Chance she is still recovering, too. In fact, she couldn't even be bribed with a treat this morning.

  6. Chance does look sparkly clean...even if grumpy. ;)

    Things are greening up. I appreciate this time of year while it is still cooler and mosquito/bug free. Enjoy!! :)

  7. Spring is moving right long soon you will be cutting grass.
    Here it is hot one day and cool the next with more spring rains.

  8. When spring comes it seems to come very rapidly. When the chipping sparrows get here , everything else arrives.

  9. diane in northern wisApril 21, 2017 at 7:59 PM

    Chance is looking very handsome, I'm sure.
    We have been hearing loons for the past two weeks. I love the song they sing and could listen to it all day. So glad they're back!

  10. Chance always looks handsome! Sounds like your yard is like ours. Sticks! I get so tired of picking up sticks. Glad you are getting some spring green up your way.

  11. Chance looks unimpressed, to say the least.
    I love to hear loons calling but we have to go quite a way North to hear them although I think we had a couple on the lake here one year. Briefly.

  12. Your early signs of spring must be very precious.

  13. Awww Chnce, it was worth it- you look pretty spiffy!
    I love it when the first growing things pop up- totally wipes away the winter blues.

  14. Aw Chance, you've gotta have a bath once (or twice ;-) a year whether you need one or not!

  15. I guess I need to get a product to wash Barney to get that shiny coat. Barney tolerates me trimming his back side now but he really doesn't have time to stay still. He is really like the new life still and is cooperating now going in and outside on the stairs.

  16. I don't trust the place that grooms down here so the only grooming is me and baths in the summer when the kids are here to help me. There is never time here in between Spring storms to get anything done and then when the sun comes out you are already way behind! Looking nice!


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