Monday, April 3, 2017


I changed the snowman for a bunny.


The snowy pine cones for a cross.

Easter Flag

And the Valentine Hearts for some deer…they kinda go with the everything is brown theme that Minnesota has going now.


The snow is mostly gone, the yard is drying up and everything is a different shade of brown.

I put my good snowboots away, my full length parka still comes in handy some mornings when Chance needs company on his trip outside.

I think we have all adjusted to the time change…finally.

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  1. Your yard looks really nice. I can't put anything out yet because our yard is still too wet.

  2. Those are good changes, unlike some of the political changes going on in the world now! I like what you've done!

  3. Yup...Spring is brown up here first. I think I could finally put away my patio shovel. Even if it snows again now it won't last long. ;)

  4. Nice! Love that pretty deer flag. :-)

  5. Your flags are really pretty and is that a hint of green I see in the trees beyond? I got used to the time change but then we always get 'night time storms' which then make me sleep later in the morning after being woken up so many times in the night with the storms so I can't win! Hopefully, I will get back on my early rise schedule. Glad you were able to put your "really Winter" stuff away.

  6. Oh, those are flags of your own creative doing!!! I really like them. In Sweden we have a large meeting every year with churches, high church theology mostly, called Oasis. When the meeting begins and when there is worship, the halls are filled with lovely flags , lovingly painted, stitched or embroidered, crosses, saints, churches, flames, hearts, colours every where. You would enjoy the sight.
    I enjoy your flags and have to look through your posts to see if there are more!! Last I looked in here you had your christmas theme going on. I hope the greenery will come your way, Easter will, any how.
    Here we are in full bloom, but still awaiting the treebuds. Blessings from Sweden!!!

  7. Sounds like you're prepared for spring to stay...except for the winter jacket.

  8. Green had come back to Iowa. I'm sure it will be up there in no time.

  9. Now, hopefully, you can watch the world around you slowly turn green.

  10. We are really green here in Arkansas River Valley. I haven't been reading blogs much lately but am glad you still have Chance.

  11. I'm still adjusting...the long days (in the evening) are the killer for me. Once I get that under my belt I don't want to lose it.


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