Saturday, May 25, 2013

What’s new?

New babies in the neighborhood.

Brand new and new babies

Brand new baby and new baby.  I wasn’t expecting them yet..someone said they wouldn’t be here until summer.  I am not thinking summer yet..spring is barely here.

They sure are cute!

Mama and the new calf

Their pasture is greening up nicely in all the rain we have had recently.  The new calves are probably called Ribeye and Sirloin.  Yes, I like a good steak!  Steak and salad  one of my favorite meals.

It was spitting rain last night when I took these photos.  It is supposed to rain and be cloudy this Decoration Day weekend.

We took flowers to several cemeteries.  They were mowed..and look real nice.  Of course one looked better than the other..we didn’t linger long…maybe when we pick up the flowers on Monday night or Tuesday.  We take bunches of silk flowers and stick them in the ground…then collect them and put them back in the cemetery flower box in my garage until next year.  We used to take real plants when we had the greenhouse.  Far Guy would cart water every other day.

I have a ganglion cyst ( Bible Bump) on the top of my right foot. It is painful and making my toes go numb. I have had it surgically removed once..that was a nightmare ( I went into respiratory failure from a reaction to the anesthetic) plus I ended up with a drain tube and a cast.  ( I was in such pain that I bribed the girls with 20 dollar bills for an extra pain pill..they were party poopers and called their Father at work).  The last time it flared up my other baby brother took care of it for me.  He has large hands and is very hurt like the devil ( I think I may have screamed and said bad word, bad word) but that was ten years ago. His treatment was way better than surgery.  He is in North Dakota..lotta good that does me in my ten minutes of need.  One of his Grandsons suggested that I just drive out and see him. 

I am allergic to the newest blood pressure medication..I woke up the night before last at 4 AM covered in hives and couldn’t go back to sleep and when I finally did it was time to get up.  The bitchandmoan session is now over:) 

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  1. Morning, oh that that sounds so sore, your Brother is so sweet, hope you feel better.......Love your Header pictures, beautiful......Sweet little calves, cute names, :) I do love a good steak too......Enjoy the weekend, Francine.

  2. Oh for heaven's sake, I hope you get everything fixed up real soon!! Not fun to be in pain!!!

  3. Ouch! Hives and cysts don't sound very celebratory to me. I'm sorry to hear you are reacting badly to the medicine and that you have to travel to North Dakota for relief. Sigh. Love your new header. It reminds me I need to make new one, since winter's over now.

  4. Send out a distress call - I bet your brother with the magic hands will make a housecall.

  5. Oh no - poor you! Hope you feel better very soon.

  6. Even when you complain it is a joy to read.

    May you get better quickly.

  7. Did you know that many times a ganglion is treated by pounding a heavy book on it? No lie -- even doctors do it! Hope you feel better soon!!

  8. Oh dear, I hope your cyst is cured in some easy manner that doesn't require surgery. I LOVE your flag photos in the header here.

  9. I like bitch and moan sessions. The truth comes out in them!
    We've just had two days of heavy rain. Yes , I know it's off to your place.

  10. I like the looks of Pot Roast and Jerky. ;-)
    Ribeye and Sirloin works for me. Don't see any of that on our property for a year or two down the road at least.

    I think it is summer already. We have certainly had the summer heat here.
    Sorry to hear about your medicine. Hope they can give you something else.
    Have a blessed Sunday. ♥

  11. Yikes! You need help! Maybe someone else can hit that cyst for you. Maybe better use a dictionary rather than a Bible, if swearing is involved.

  12. There are always rocky spots on the path and sometimes there is nothing one can do but complain. I wish your brother would make a trip over to see you and your bible bump. And I hope they get you on some other medication that you can tolerate well. It went from brown to green over here, too, with all the rain and drizzle. I hope you have a decent week. :) :)

  13. Bitchin' and moanin' is allowed. We can't be perfect all the time! I have a Morton's Neuroma on the bottom side of my foot that makes my toes numb. I'm supposed to get it removed... the doctor said she'd call the specialist for an appointment.... 6 months ago that was.... It's been three years now guess I can put up with it for a while more!


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