Saturday, May 11, 2013

No Show

The Governor was a no show at the museum.  Ya..he is a Democrat.

Some very nice people from the area showed up for egg coffee and cookies during our open house.  We were not over run with people and we had lots of cookies and coffee left over, it is an important Minnesota “Nice” thing to always have enough treats for your guests. 

Egg coffee is a Scandinavian thing.  You mix together 1/4 cup of water, 3/4 cup of coffee grounds and one egg.   Set aside and boil ten cups of water.  Add the mixture to the boiling water and let simmer for a couple of minutes..then set aside so the grounds settle.  Makes a wonderful cup of coffee…I usually don’t drink coffee..but I always enjoy egg coffee, so I had two cups! 

I think the Governor is going to have to fish on the river, unless some of the lakes opened up during the night.

Gas went up by another dime was $3.89 a gallon.  Typical small town gouge them while you can mentality.

I stopped by the beach in Osage on my way home.  The ice has receded on the mill pond.


You can see the ice sheet along the north shore of the mill pond.  There is still ice on the big lake ( Straight Lake).  We will have made history with this late date for ice out:)

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  1. Did you really believe the Governor was going to show up? Glad you had as many visitors as you did. $3.89 for gas is the norm here - even saw a $3.99 at one gas station. Yet, down south -KY, TN, and GA gas is much cheaper. Lowest we paid was in TN $3.15 per gal. So why are we paying so much here in WI and MN?

    1. Hi linda m, Yes I thought we had a good chance of him showing up. The email from his office was very positive:)

  2. The gas just went up here yesterday, to the same price: $3.89/gallon. I am surprised that the Governor didn't show up, I thought they all needed votes enough not to blow off a possible campaign stop. Our beautiful weather is about to stop, so you should start getting better weather any minute now. :-)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful success...minus the governor but that may have been a success too.

  4. Gas is creeping up here to and will get higher as the weather gets warmer. I am glad that your snow is finally melting.

    Egg coffee sounds very interesting.

  5. I hope he didn't catch any fish. . .

  6. Still ice! Oh no.

    Haven't heard of egg coffee over here - maybe it's an old tradition...

  7. Disappointed to hear your Very Important Guest didn't show up for your reception. At least your museum is off to a sparkling start for the new season!

    The egg coffee sounds interesting. I'm presuming you mean add a raw egg to the mixture? Does this help remove some of the usual coffee bitterness?

  8. I remember people on the Range (Mesabi Iron Range, that is) making egg coffee but I never had it. We had a nasty wind last night around midnight and I said I sure am glad I'm not out on a lake trying to fish. (A good reason never to be Minnesota's governor, by the way.)

  9. Aww the guv would have created too much drama anyway so you had great visitors and thank you for explaining egg coffee.

  10. It's rather disappointing when these guys don't show up. I wish they'd take their stupid politics somewhere else and just run the place. Don't play games. Just do what has to be done. I think I need a good cup of coffee now!

  11. Disappoint, but great that you had a good turn out.
    Never heard of that coffee. It sounds strange.
    Happy Sunday!

  12. Sad that he couldn't make the time, but at least you had good coffee, and cookies.

    Our gas coincidentally went up Friday night by a dime also...It's now $1.36 a litre...or about $5.10 a US


  13. Not really surprised about your no show. The egg coffee is new to me - sounds good. Love the photo of the lake.
    Wishing you a nice Mother's Day.

  14. When I was a kid I remember egg coffee at a relatives and they always made it camping, but I wasn't old enough to drink it. Now you have me curious!
    It's 28 degrees this morning so I can't imagine anything melted during the night. ;)

  15. That democrat, is giving your daughter a Raise after four years and instead of cutting funding to education like some before them... He is restoring it.

  16. I heard of egg coffee in a book I was reading recently and wondered how it was made so thanks for sharing! Our lovely, absolutely perfect spring gone. Freeze warning tonight. *sigh* Glad I didn't plant any flowers yet.

  17. HAPPY Mother's Day, Connie! It looks like spring is really there now!


  18. As a former democrat, ouch. I had no idea egg coffee was anything but Camp Coffee. It was how my daddy made it when we camped, not sure if this was his exact recipe, all I remember was boiling coffee and egg shells and then sipping the elixir through a puff mint held in your teeth.

  19. One wants to look good for the voting public when the sun shines. I bet you had a nice showing for the public at the museum.


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