Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chance: My Friends

Hiya!  It’s me Chance!  Didyaknow I have friends?   I have two very special friends and they were here for four sleep overs and dozens of playing ball sessions. We had a blast!

The beautiful Miss Miney.  Miss Miney likes toys that squeak, and will squeak them in the middle of the night.  That squeaking noise at night drives my sister nuts…but she wasn’t here and Far Side doesn’t care..and Far Guy didn’t hear a thing.

Beautiful Miss Miney

I love Miss Miney..she is a year younger than me..we grew up together.  Miney belongs to my sister, Jen. 

Then there is her tag along, Little Elvis, he is just a little bit of a dog..mainly fluff.  Little Elvis belongs to my sisters husband.

Little Elvis and Miss Miney are both Shetland Sheepdogs or Shelties.  Miss Miney is sable and white.  Little Elvis is a Tri – Color.

Little Elvis

He is a copy cat dog..he follows Miss Miney everywhere.  The only time she gets a break is when he follows me.

Everyone playing ball

Little Elvis doesn’t play ball, he plays “I will try to herd whoever has the ball..and I might bite their back leg or grab their tail and drag my feet ..skidding along.”   His shenanigans irritate Miss Miney and she growls at then he becomes my BDF..Best Dog Friend.

I had a really, really good time while there were here.

Happy Chance

I can hardly wait for them to come visit again! :)



  1. Morning Chance, you are a lucky boy to have two beautiful friends, hope they come and play soon with you, Hugs Francine.

  2. You are so lucky to have such good friends. And then to have a sleep over with them, Wow! Miney and Elvis are very lucky to have you for a friend

  3. Its always nice to have friends! Glad you had a nice visit!

  4. Ah, Chance, the blogging dog, has good friends, of course! You are very special dog in many ways. Love your stories about your friends, too. :-)

  5. What an adorable post! Loved these photos of you and your friends.

  6. All the dogs look like sweethearts. So nice they could spend time together.

  7. Hi Chance, Love the fun photos.

  8. Little Elvis and his urge to herd made me smile. Courtney, our grandson's Corgi, is bound and determined to herd, too. She's a great soccer player. The ball is her substitute for a sheep.

  9. We don't get many doggie visitors. My four kind of overwhelm any other dog that happens to come into the house.

  10. Well Chance, it's very important that dogs are happy.

  11. WE KNOW! WE KNOW!!! We love it when I dog cousins come over!!! It's a BLAST!!!

    Fuzzy and Boomer

  12. Lovely friends, Chance. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Yep, Notshy would fit right in......BUT.......she's not allowed to squeak her toys at night ;)

  14. Chance! Chance! You are looking so handsome! Your friends look like they had a wonderful visit with you, too. I hope they come back soon. :)


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