Thursday, October 27, 2011

No Trespassing

Deer Hunting will start soon.  Our signs were getting old.  Some say No Hunting and some say No Trespassing. There are enough of us that live back here in the woods.. we don’t need some idiot shooting every which way in our neighborhood.  My Dad will hunt at his deer stand which is away from all of the houses.

A few of the signs have been ripped down.  Some people don’t like signs.  I dislike having the signs attached to trees. We use the power poles when we can.  Sometimes we have to use a tree.


Far Guy needed help, I was to drive the three wheeler and Far Guy was to ride in the wagon with all the signs.  This is supposed to be an easy will just take a few minutes.  Well the three wheeler would not start..the spark plug was bad.  So we drove fourteen miles into town because we had no extra spark plugs.  It was threatening to rain.  Finally we got on our way over an hour later..

I drove into the ditch..the trailer overturned and Far Guy went flying in the air.  I looked back and it seemed like he was in the air forever before he finally landed.   Holy Crap!  Have I  broken his bad hip or even worse have I killed him? I hop off ..and tend to him.  Yup he is OK..he can move everything.. he can get up and he is limping just like normal.  He wanted to finish putting up the signs..


I was sure he was going to be really sore the next day..luckily he was no worse for the wear.  Next time I should make him wear a helmet:)

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  1. Sounds like you folk are in as much danger as the deer!. Keep safe - all of you.

  2. Oh WOW that must of hurt. Hope Far Guy is ok give it a few days he'll feel it lol. When I was hunting with my dad years ago we had a trigger happy nut in the area that shot at anything that moved , he was in the bush across the pond from me as I saw him there and shot at something on my side and almost hit me I heard the shell swish past my right side. My dad was pissed and he and others went on a hunt for him , I dont know what happened but this guy no longer had or was aloud guns or a licence. Hope you guys dont have a trigger happy nut around you. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Goodness. Glad you're no worse for wear. We too have to beware of the hunters. Deer are everywhere and even if the hunters don't trespass, the shells can hit close to home.

  4. I know the deer numbers need to be kept under control, but the hunters sure don't seem to be very smart about it. In our part of the world last fall a hiker (on the trail!) was killed by a teenager who thought she was a deer...

  5. Maybe not being able to start the three wheeler was an indication of how the day was going to go. What a circus act in the woods, too bad no one was there to capture it on camera. I am so glad Far Guy is no worse for the wear. You two will be laughing about this for a long time.... making memories.

  6. Great story. Good thing he wasn't hurt. Were you back and forth between worry and trying to laugh?

  7. Glad to hear Far Guy is okay.

    The Brother-in-law has the same problem with a little piece of property he has.
    He's even found feeders on his property.
    Which he promptly shot up to make his point.

    It really bothers me how so many people have no manners or morals any more. Good luck keeping the hunters out.
    *hugs* and God bless. ♥

  8. Holy Cow Far Side - you both should be wearing helmets! :) Deer hunting.... trespassing.... poaching.... it all goes hand and hand - not my favorite season when folks don't follow the rules.

  9. Hey, you gotta be careful with that guy!

    Don't you hate it when a 'simple' chore gets complicated!

    Glad you got it finished, despite all of the other issues!

  10. Such a easy project to become a major incident:)

  11. Ugh...I'm glad Far Guy was not hurt. At the old house, folks seemed to think it was ok to just wander around our property - we resorted to signs also.

  12. Sounds like the wagon needs a seatbelt...

  13. Darn wagon! Glad everyone is okay though....will he let you live that down???

  14. Yeah...and some paddin' too!!! Poor fella!

    My niece has decided to get married in a little vacant church on our property. Not a great idea. No runnin' water, electricity or potty facilities. Did I mention the mold problem??? She's like..."we've got our love to keep us warm!"

    It's also the first day of deer season and it's like a war zone down here.

    She is set on havin' her reception in my vacated MIL's front yard. Not a good idea the 12th of Nov.

    We can post but nobody reads and that still doesn't stop the guys hangin' out their vehicles with guns drivin' up and down the dirt road.

    I feel a train~wreck comin' on! Heeehehehe!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a remarkable day! :o)

  15. I can see him flying through the air in slow motion. Our work down on the farm has been sort of like that, getting into a gully and ditches that don't show up until the truck hits it. I am glad he is back to his normal limp and that he didn't get hurt. We aren't as young as we use to be. Take car buddy Far Guy.

  16. I'm glad both of you made it through this latest adventure safely. Life is full of such adventures. Now that we are older, my friends, Tom and I tend to call them challenges. There is always another one around the corner.
    Each of us could probably write a sit-com with the ones that come out OK and a soap opera with those that go on and on with unexpected results years down the road.

  17. Isn't that always the way it goes. Poor Far guy... Was it one of those moments that once you knew he was okay, it was okay to laugh? That's usually me. Panic first - then laughter.

    We used to own part of the family farm land in Northern Michigan. Terry has been out during deer season and run into men that say they have permission to be there when they don't even know who he is. Crazy hunters.

  18. Thank goodness he is OK.

    Hope the maniacs with guns keep away from your neighbourhood.

  19. OMG! I was worried about FarGuy flying through the air like that. Glad he is okay and just doing his normal limping.

    I hate hunting season. Too many people who don't know what they are doing. Too many of them drinking with guns. Keep Chance close!!

    Glad you got your new signs up, though.

  20. So sorry but I laughed and laughed........sounds like something we'd do with the same result. Your going to have to do some special massage tonight for the Far Guy;)

  21. Oh man, he really went far far away when you overturned.

    Does he hurt today? That must have been quite the tumble.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  22. Hmm you sound like a terrific driver! Well at least a far better wife than I, after the fair I wanted the stand that holds the flower gutters for my display in a certain spot, I drove the tractor, Dirt held the stand in the bucket. I drove to the spot, and proceeded to set the stand down, the bucket tipped too fast and Dirt sat in pots of Brugmansia right behind him. I admit it, I couldn't stop laughing. I laughed even harder when he got up and was okay. I laughed all day. I'm not a good wife. Helmets are good, Far guy should wear one when you drive, Dirt should wear one whenever I'm home.


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