Saturday, October 8, 2011


We finally got a little rain to help settle the dust for a day or two.  The rain was smelled so good.  It didn’t rain nearly long enough to do any good..but it was better than nothing.

I saw these thunderheads forming and talked Far Guy into going for a quick ride and abandoning the supper dishes for a few minutes.

The moon was out. The sun had set but the high clouds were still picking up some color.

These were some of the best clouds I have seen in awhile.

All day long the wind howled like a banshee and the dirt did my plastic lawn chairs..and Chance’s pool.  It moved..that did him in.  He wanted in and I was supposed to protect him from the wind… he sat on my feet and drooled.  He hates the wind…actually I think it is the wind in the trees that he hates, wind over at Odda’s is just fine.  Crazy dog.

There was a fire in our area that could have been bad, luckily enough people were around to get it under control.  Thank you firemen and Department of Natural Resources.

I spent the afternoon under a cloud of my own. One I didn’t make but one I wound up responsible for.

Two former Director’s of the Museum each started web sites.  They were lousy at leaving user names and passwords. ( Worse than lousy..they sucked at it)  I have been trying to unravel this “mess” all summer.  I have two volunteers helping me.  Finally one of the Genealogy gals ( from Tennessee) thought she could help.   Together we updated one of the web sites!! Hallelujah!  It ain’t perfect..but close.

The cloud came on the other site that was just cracked by volunteer Mark this morning.  He sent me the info so I could FINALLY access the emails that had been sitting in that site for almost a year.  I wrote apologies to people requesting information.  I printed out copies and will find volunteer researchers for all the queries.  Mark updated the info at that site and changed the email to our active email account.  I felt badly for the people that thought they were actually leaving messages for someone.  There were three people that wanted to apply for the Directors Position ( they sounded pretty good to me) and even one volunteer that wanted to do research.   It didn’t take me long to forward him a project.  As I printed the last query..the cloud lifted a little.

I get real tired of fixing other peoples messes. Okay think positive.. at least this mess could be fixed from my comfortable computer chair at home while Chance drooled at my feet:)

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  1. Thats good that you were able to reply to those poor people that e-mailed so long ago . Miggy doesnt like the wind that much either Chance so your not alone there. Have a wonderful day !

  2. Yup! The wind has been crazy over here for the last couple days, too. 55 mph gusts. It has finally died down to a normal 15mph. We had a little rain, too, but didn't last long. Poor Chance! Thank goodness you got to deal with all that fixing other people's messes at home. ;)

  3. We must have been caught in the same storm of stress these past few days - I could elaborate, but that may be a future blog for me. But yesterday things started to look up here too. Isn't it nice to see the sun come out again.

  4. Great sky photos! Yes, we need to rain, now, after this wet summer it seems crazy, but it is so dry and dusty!
    Glad you got the computer clouds to clear up.

  5. I used to call on my Middle School students to fix these computer glitches. They tended to be more effective than our highly paid master technician. :) No rain here yet and dust covering everything as cars on the gravel roads and combines in the soybean fields stir it all up....

  6. Nice capture of the moon and clouds. You can't help yourself, it seems, you are always cleaning up other people's messes. Good for you... Hope the wind slows down. We get some pretty huge windstorms here, but right now it's calm.

  7. We need the rain, it is great to see clouds! I hope you can get rid of the problem emails, etc

  8. We have discovered how poorly sealed our doors and windows are with the howling winds we have had. Brrrr.....

    I'm glad you cleared up some of the museum messes....but wait.... aren't you through with that?! (Or didn't I count 16 days correctly?!)

  9. The cloud pics are great. I need to go back and go to the websites when I am finished.
    Here's a thought - - - would the museum pay for an onsite person during the warmer months and pay for a computer person from home year-round? Would you like that if you could do the latter? Or maybe you like both. Just thinking out loud.

  10. Well darnin', I'm thrilled that you got such wonderful pictures of those clouds to share before they lifted.

    Sounds like your seein' some light at the end of the tunnel with other's messes. Woohoo!!! Happy dance..happy dance!

    God bless your weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  11. Beautiful clouds! Glad you got the mess sorted out. I'll bet the Grands could have helped with that:)

  12. The cloud photos are remarkable! They are worthy of enlargement and frame.

    Good for you--finished up unfinished internet business and getting help cracking the codes. Your former bosses probably have no idea what a gem they had when you came on board.

  13. Better late than never, Far Side. Sorry you had to be the one to clean it up, but really glad you found a couple of people to help you with it.
    I'm glad you were able to be there for Chance, too! :)

  14. The clouds are beautiful and so glad they produced some rain. We have not gotten lucky yet...a small chance next week.

    Glad you got the computer stuff fixed. If anyone hasn't told you, you do good work!

  15. Glad the cloud over you is clearing little by little.
    These photos are spectacular! Thanks so much for sharing them. We are due for rain at the first of the week - sure hope we get some!
    Give Chance a hug from Harriet!

  16. Loved the cloud pics.. especially the moon over the clouds..I know those people who hired you are so glad you agreed to work for them.

  17. Oh WOW! What fabulous skies! Stunning.

  18. Love those big sky cloud you know mine would have high rises in them.

    Wind, sigh, not looking forward to that around here, ours comes with rain.

    Good for you for sorting out the problems with the web sites, you deserve a medal for patience. And so good of you to get back to all of those people.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  19. Aren't clouds awesome, I mean the ones in the sky not the human made ones? The human made ones, giant pains in the neck, the ones in the sky... so beautiful that you could get a pain in the neck save for that they are gone all too quick.


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