Friday, October 14, 2011

Wood Pile

The chain saw is broken..lets all say ahhh..or ooohh noooo all together. It is in the repair we cannot cut wood until it gets fixed. ( We have enough wood cut and stacked for the winter..Far Guy likes to keep the wood shed completely full.) So we are on a woodman's and woodswomans’s vacation.

In the woodshed

Our woodshed. ***This wood is all cut from dead and down trees.

What do you suppose normal folk would remember we may not be normal?

We head to the neighbors because they don’t burn wood and their relatives from Norway love to cut and stack wood..just for fun.  The wood is all cut and stacked..we just need to haul it home and stack it in the woodshed. 

How can you possibly leave the house and have a glove on each hand and when it is time to load the only have one?  You must have dropped it in the sign of that must have went to the same place that some socks go when you put them in the dryer.

Can you imagine what a pile of socks and gloves that will be?

It is quite possible that the Chain Saw is NERTS ( Not Repairable This Station) Code One and we may have to go chainsaw shopping.  If Far Guy couldn’t fix it, I seriously doubt that the idiots skilled repairmen in town will have much luck either:)

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Gail said...

I have heard a rumor, there is a planet where all the unmatched socks and gloves live.

Muffy's Marks said...

Uh oh, a real guy without a chain saw, is like a morning without coffee. Just doesn't sit too well. Happy shopping!!

Country Gal said...

To funny ! We are the same lots and lots of wood for our wood stove as well only Papa uses a wood spliter then a saw to cut up our wood. Hope you find all your lost socks and glove lol who knows were they go. Have a wonderful day.

Intense Guy said...

Poor dude. Far Guy is gonna get the CSWDTs*

*Chain Saw Withdrawal DTs**.

**I can't spell this word anyway. :)

Dreaming said...

Laughing at Gail's comment!
Around here the missing socks and gloves can be blamed on Tucker. He loves taking off with one. He'll sit a bit away from us, put it down and with a twinkle in his eye dare us to come get it. I do think it is one of his favorite games. He took one of my new gloves yesterday... and now it has a hole in it .... I'm not exactly happy!
:( Chain saws. They are so wonderful when they work... so aggravating when they don't. Our's has always been very moody - must be a female, eh?

LindaG said...

I have done that with gloves.

Now we have some down trees I want him to cut for firewood. Is there a time limit on how long the wood can lay before it's not good for firewood any more?

He seems to think there is, but I hate burning wood in a bonfire that could be used for the fireplace. Just curious.

Hope your chain saw is not NERTS, but maybe you can find a better one. :)

CiCi said...

You two do seem to be prepared. I look at the huge store of cut wood in your shed and it looks like enough for a year. But you have the right idea I am sure to have it full. We don't have a fireplace unfortunately, so we can't guess at things like that. I hope your saw is repairable.

Judy said...

Chainsaws...ahh memories...

and have you noticed that the pile of unmatched socks keeps getting bigger and they still don't does that happen?

RURAL said...

It's the washer, it sneaks outside and steals them from the line. Watch it next time, if it burps...well then it ate a sock.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

L. D. said...

My repair of my chainsaw consisted of getting it to work on the old sparkplug. Then it quits, I buy a new plug, stop in the middle of a job checking the plug, breaking the plug off, cleaning the old plug and putting it back in for the next cutting. Buying a new plug, a D and not a C. works for awhile then quits, put the old plug back in and finish the job. I have not faith in the chainsaws and my mechanical ability is questionable too.

Linda said...

We ought to get together......we have a pile of mis-matches around here too. I need a guy like the Far Guy for a few days around here.

NCmountainwoman said...

This is a terrible time for the chain saw to die. Or perhaps you might think of it as a good time to get a new chain saw. That is some impressive stack of wood.

Karmyn R said...

Recently, I was getting after my husband because when I tried to put on his gloves - all I found was rights. Four pairs of gloves and no lefts. When I confronted him, he said, "I always take the left off when I need to do something intricate. Then, I leave the glove somewhere."

I suppose they are partying somewhere with the socks.

Red said...

Sad that so few people burn wood these days. I'm one of them.
I picked up a perfectly good chain saw on a garage sale the other day....$25.00.
Hope yours is fixable.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of wood!

There is definitely a black hole in washing machines. I have at least ten single socks upstairs, still waiting for their partners to return!

Lanny said...

I wonder if my unmatched gloves are massaging my unmatched socks?

Far Guy can borrow one of ours, I can run it over this week, whadda think?

pyro said...

the guy at ace hardware in town is excellent at fixing saws. he is an older gentleman, and he is damn good with saws.