Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Progress ??

The air was full of dust, our usually quiet corner of the world was interrupted by dust and a high pitched whine.

Dust was filling the air

We drove out a half a mile.. to find that these trees in the tree line were being ground into mulch.

The tall grass prairie is changing before our eyes.  This one is closer to home.


The bothersome trees between the former CRP land and a bean field  are being removed one by one.  Limb by limb. There are piles of mulch.

Changes progress two

Soon this view will be devoid of trees.   I remember when this field had many rows of trees going north and south.  I used to find a shady spot to rest and wait for my Mother to stop her tractor. My parents owned this piece of land a long time ago, back when the many windbreaks went North and South and met up with the trees that are being removed.

Progress?  I am not convinced that it is progress.  However it is a change.  One that I am noting for future generations..they are the ones that will decide if it is progress or not.

Two days ago they sprayed the hazardous chemicals on the the field across from our front driveway..the Peligro ( Danger) signs are still out in the field.  I noticed that both mail boxes at the end of the driveway have some funny looking splotches on them.

Well I guess I am done wallering around in pity for the Tall Grass Prairies…for now.

Congratulations to the winner of the drawing!


DJan has a blog called DJan-ity and she is from the great State of Washington..she sky dives..and hikes..and reads!  I know that she will love this book as much as I do.  I have a hardcover version that was a gift from my daughter a long time ago:)

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  1. That's not wallering - that is good writing - and a pleasure to read.

  2. It is sad to see these changes. I believe similiar changes preceded the Dust Bowl years.

  3. Yup! The only thing we can count on is change. (Doesn't mean we have to like it.) ;)

    Congrats, Djan!!!

  4. Change, yes. Progress, no.
    Progress would see more trees and no commercial sized farms.

    Congratulations to DJan!

  5. Wow! This is a treasure I will enjoy forever. Thank you so much, Connie. I sent you my snail mail address in private. What a great day it's turning out to be and I've only been awake for a half hour!

  6. I hate that kind of change. The argument is that it makes it easier to farm and the snow doesn't pile up behind the trees in drifts so they can get on the fields faster. No thanks.....I'll keep the trees.

  7. What a real bummer to see the trees go...brings a tear to my eye...not progress in my mind...and hind site will be 20/20 when they have problems...

    Oh, and Congratulations to Djan...

  8. Not progress at all. The trees help to prevent the valuable topsoil from being blown away. They and their underbrush provide passage ways for wildlife. We don't seem to have learned from past mistakes.
    Do they plant a cover crop on those fields after the harvest is done?

  9. Sorry to see this. Last fall I had to help my husband pull "bothersome" trees out of our fenceline. I hated it.

  10. Sad to see the trees go and the hazardous chemicals blowing around could not be good.
    Hope you are enjoying some leisure time before cold sets in for good. We are having long-awaited rain today.
    Congrats to DJan.

  11. The "bothersome trees" were planted for the purpose of stopping erosion. I'm afraid we ARE headed for another Dust Bowl era if the corporate farmers don't learn from the past. Sadly, many do not believe until they actually see it happening.

  12. Global warming in the making. We should ALL be planting more trees, instead of chopping them down. They purify the earth.

  13. Oh honey, the cold winds are gonna blow now!!! I'm so sorry your windbreak has been ground into mulch.

    We all know it takes a lifetime to grow a great tree. {{{SIGH}}}

    Have a blessed day sweetie!!! :o)

  14. Oops....

    Congratulations to Miss DJan!!! :o)


  15. Sad to read your posts about the tall grass prairie and the wind breaks coming down. Sometimes change isn't always for the best.

  16. Don't ever quit or go easy on people who are destroying native vegetation. Do whatever it takes to save these strips. They're all we have left and they're not making anymore. You'd be surprised at how much there is in laws and regulations to protect native plants.

  17. Don't apologize for advocating for the planet. Good sense seems to be in short supply, so keep sharing yours. And congrats to DJan.

  18. A little less progress, please! Except don't take away my computer, dishwasher, or swamp cooler!

  19. It doesn't sound like progress, does it?

    Congrats to DJan! Yay for her, and I too know she will enjoy the book. Glad she is the winner.

  20. I loved that book too. When my youngest son was in college he recommended it to me. Great read!

    It's sad about the Tall Grass Prairie near you. Conservationists are restoring one here in west Michigan so Karner Blue butterflies, an endangered species, will thrive once again.

  21. We drove through the short grass praries last week....the tree breaks were there, providing shelter from the wind and snow...I grieve with you....


  22. Why on earth would they want to remove the break between fields? Wow, that flies in the face of a lot! Sometimes I think large equipment and ability get in the way of logic.


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