Thursday, October 6, 2011


I have noticed some big changes lately.  The ponds on the way to town are drying up.  They were full of water..and looking good…until recently. 

Shell River coming out of Shell Lake is a good indicator.

Shell River coming out of Shell Lake (2)

This was last April, just after the ice break up.  Water was rushing out of the lake. The water was at the top of those old walkway supports.  When I was a kid you could walk over the river there.  I used to hang over the edge, shade my eyes from the sun and look for fish in the water.

Shell River coming out of Shell Lake

This was October 03, 2011.  The water is barely trickling out of the lake.



Further on down the river a mud bar is visible.  Now I am not saying that this has never ever happened before..but if it has..I have not seen it.  I took this photo on October 03,2011.

Shell River in April (2)

I have seen lots of high water here.   This photo was taken last April. I took this one from a slightly different angle.  The large Oak with no leaves on it is a landmark.

I hope it rains soon, to fill up the potholes and to fill up the lakes and rivers.  I swear I am not doing any Fall house cleaning until it rains.  Clouds of dust hover in the air, as soon as the potato harvest is over it might be better.  Rain has not interrupted the harvest..yet.  It was in the high 80’s to almost 90 degrees yesterday.  I was missing the deep shade that our Oaks provide..they have been dropping leaves right and left and we have no shade left.  Even Chance searches for shade next to a building.

Changes we all have to go through. Searching for shade to rest out of the sun. Watching the river levels go down. Wondering when the rains will come to calm the filthy air..or will the snow delay those rains until next spring:(

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  1. Very very dry here as well. Dust everywhere. Fire alerts. If a combine sparks up a cornfield you can kiss it goodby....

  2. Crazy weather everywhere. Hope you all get some rain soon, Far Side.

  3. Strange weather every where seems. It is like it should be here for us though, cool crisp air at night ,dew in the mornings and temps in the mid 60s with sun during the day . I hope the lakes there get back to normal soon. Wonderful photos. Have a great day !

  4. I think we have been getting your rain. All day long it fell yesterday, from a mist to little needles hitting my glasses. The weather has certainly been odd lately, I agree. We have another La Nina winter coming, which means cold and wet here and warm and dry in the midwest.

  5. At least snow would be moisture to clean the air...and if you get lots, it'll fill up the lakes/streams...

  6. I hear Chicago is being forecasted with an extremely cold (and dry) winter.

    I'd be thinking like a snow bird about now if I lived there. :)

    And PLEASE!! take some of our rain!!!

    We have twice the normal amount, year to date.

  7. We have had more rain than we need here. Wish things could "even out" a little across the country...

  8. You must have had a dry summer then.

  9. I'd be happy to send you some rain!

  10. We had no rain all summer. All the crops shriveled in the fields. Since Irene, we've had lots, when it does the farmers no good at all. Weird.

  11. We're beginning to get rain again. I hope rain comes to Minnesota soon.

  12. Hope some of the rain we are getting today (Oct 6) will be heading your way. It's almost snowing, which is a big change from the 80's we had a day or two ago. Our potato harvest is on hold because of wet weather.

    We welcome the rain--the snow--not so much.

  13. We've had some frosts at night and out days are in the 80's. That's really not unusual here in the Ozarks. Ya know...heat and air in the same day!

    If ya get the rain, would ya please send some our way. Ya should see how dusty the corn harvest is!!!

    God bless ya and have an incredible day my friend! :o)

  14. Very pretty pictures. I hope you and "we" get rain soon.

  15. I sure would give you all the rain we have had if I could! It is so nice to finally see the sun two days in a row and we are supposed to stay dry all the way into tuesday. Sad to hear about all the dry places around though that is for sure!

  16. We prayed for rain here to end the drought of August - - - and got two floods! Feast or Famine? I prefer balance!!

  17. oh wow, no leaves and hot weather - wow! this has been one of our wettest Octobers but maybe it is just because the water table never had a chance to go down to late summer normal so with just our first half of fall rains we have dry ponds filling, an unsual event for us, we sometimes depend on the dryness to dredge out ponds and reconstruct things to make next year better. Oh well, there's always next year! Right? (our mantra 'round here, "next year...")


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