Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The candy has been purchased and put into cute little green bags decorated with scary black cats all hunched up.

We will be awaiting the hoards of goblins..we might get 8 possibly up to 10 children. Each one will have to pose for a photo before getting any candy!

Here is daughter Jen’s take on Halloween pumpkins this year. She goes all out for Halloween. IMG_7361

Of course it was more impressive at night.

jens Pumpkins

Our grands are getting older..Adam is the only one who will go Trick or Treating this year. 

Here in the “boonies” kids still wait to go out the real evening of Halloween.  So what if Halloween isn’t on a weekend. I remember how excited our girls used to be to go out with their Dad in snow and sleet and icy rain..dressed in snowsuits and sometimes wrapped in blankets. It was always an adventure they shared on October 31st.

Of course I remember what I used to say on Halloween. “Trick or or eats..or we will tip your toilet over!.” (this was a long time ago..when everyone in the country had outhouses.) :)

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  1. Love those pumpkins, especially at night time. Hope Chance gets a treat tonight!

  2. The pumpkins are a work of art!

    Happy Halloween.

  3. Awesome pumpkins. Happy Halloween. We dont get kids in our country village trick or treating cause most of the kids here are Menninites. Have a wonderful evening.

  4. Love the pumpkins! And Happy Halloween to you, Chance, and Far Guy!

  5. Love the pumpkins!
    We used to get up to 30 trick or treaters. We live on a busy road and in a rural area, so parents have to drive the kids from house to house. It always worked for us (we give away full size candy bars in the country!), but nowadays the parents drop their kids off in the nearest city so they can walk house to house in the subdivisions. For the past three years we have My nephew brings his son and I think the only reason they stop is because they know he's my only little goblin! I have hope for this year as our neighbors' daughter moved in with her two kids. Maybe they'll stop by. That's bring our count up to three!

  6. Wow - those pumpkins look great at night!

    Have a great night! We are off to a party and will be dressing up.

  7. I do so love your daughter's take on the pumpkins!!! Very impressive!!!

    "Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me somethin' good to eat!" was our favorite Halloween recital when I was just a little chicklett!!!

    The most little ghouls I've had in a Halloween evenin' here on the Ponderosa is a whoppin' seven. Last year we had none.

    Oh such a dilemma ... Who will clean up all this candy??? Heeehehehe!!!

    God bless and have a fun day sweetie!!! :o)

  8. Beautiful pumpkins. Happy Hauntings.

  9. Carving Happy Halloween in pumpkins sounds like a horrendous amount of work. It looks great in the night pic though. Our yard is so small we wouldn't be able to put them all in one line. We could say Happy Hallo
    with Ween in the next row. Ha.

  10. The Happy Halloween pumpkins look great when they are lit up!
    At the most we got about 15 kids. The last few years we got one or two, and then none.
    Last year we just left the gate closed and were Halloween Scrooges. It will be the same this year. Then I'll probably go and buy some half price Halloween chocolate bars tomorrow. Isn't half price the same as half the calories?:)

  11. Love the carvings! sounds like fun about town.

  12. OK....curious mind wants to know... just how did Jen carve the pumpkins so the center of the A's P's, and O's stayed in place?

    Love the night shot!

    We won't get any trick or treaters. We're too far from other houses on a fairly busy road. :(
    It's been years since we've had trick or treaters!

  13. You are ahead of me. I still need to get to the store to buy candy. The question is - how much candy? I didn't get very many kids last year but I hate to risk running short. I have a pumpkin to carve also but just one and it won't be near as creative.

  14. Wait! What?! There are people, er children, who go OUT on nights other than the actual night of Halloween? Who'd be ready for them?! I wouldn't!

    Love the pumpkin luminaries!

  15. House clean...yard ready for winter...Chance had birthday treats...Halloween candy standing by...sounds like you're ready for anything...Happy Holiday...

  16. Great photos! I really don't have anything for Halloween, just treats for the grandchildren. Although, we will drive to town and see all the decoration this evening.


  17. I agree with Dreaming--I want to know, too. How did she keep the little center pieces in the A, O, and Ps?

    I get anywhere from 0-12 kids. Not many go door to door anymore. They go to parties in homes, churches, etc. Times have changed.

  18. GREAT bunch of pumpkin carving. Hope you have great weather so you'll have plenty of opportunity to give away those treats and get to see lots of spookies.

  19. Naughty girl you were. Of course, I too could tell stories. :)

  20. Happy Halloween to you also...hope it is a good one.

    Great pumpkin display.

    I kept forgetting all day, and now that I remembered I am telling all the black cats in my building they must stay inside!!!

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  21. Jen's pumpkins are Great! And here's a thought to remedy a furry friend's missed birthday - - - tell Mr. Chance that tonight was a party just for him!!!

  22. I agree, the pumpkins are awesome. I love old-fashioned holidays and that includes Halloween! Such fun memories.

  23. We never get more than a few either--we live on a busy road with no sidewalks. In the early years here, Old Dog would buy tons of candy and sit outside hopefully. Now he buys a bag to have on hand on the off chance a child shows up.

    Those pumpkins are great!

  24. What a fun idea and great results too.


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