Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wistful Wednesday : Fall of 1958

I believe that this is a second grade class photo, the photo would have been taken in the fall of 1958 at the Osage Elementary School in Osage, Minnesota. 

Maybe second grade

There seems to be nineteen kids in the class..Linda must have been sick that day as she is not in this photo..she owns the Antique Shop in town, and could name almost all of the kids in this photo.  I could only name fourteen. 

There were two Connie’s in this class..can you believe it? Connie H. and Connie Y.  Now I am Connie H. but then I was a Connie Y.

I was wearing one of my favorite dresses, my Mother saved it for is in Far Guys Trunk..someday I will get it out and take a photo of it.  It was my favorite color sapphire blue satin, the front had some fru fru white lacey stuff and there was a fake red rose that was pinned to the front..fancy smancy. 

Our teacher was Mrs. Zauche, she was a lovely lady, and a wonderful teacher.  I loved her, well who doesn’t love their second grade teacher..she was also a very special neighbor lady. 

This is what she wrote about me in my progress report:

“ Connie Joy is doing good work in all subjects. She does beautiful written work and is very conscientious about finishing her work.  But sometimes she talks too much in the lunch room.” :)


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

"Sometimes she talks to much," surly not you girl! Heeehehe!

I do believe I've got ya pegged in the pic. This is a great old classroom picture. I always adore lookin' at the pics from the past ya pull out!

May God bless you day sweetie!!!

Anonymous said...

This is cute Connie!

DJan said...

It was easy to pick you out from the dress description. I am amazed that you were a talker even back then! And now it's in written form for all of us to enjoy. Love that picture!

Pamela said...

we should all talk more and eat less heh heh

I remember a couple of those dresses from childhood, too.
but none were saved. Probably made into aprons at one time

Lynda said...

You all must have had a good photographer because everyone seems to have genuine smiles. That is a pretty dress and your hair is adorable. Funny about the dresses - - - yesterday, someone else and I were remembering the dresses we wore as girls - - the dresses that buttoned in the back. A younger person just kind of laughed at us - - - but it was a loving laugh!

Anonymous said...

Talks too much? LOL!

Great picture.

CiCi said...

I spotted your cute little face right away. How cool that you still have the dress.

Emma Rose said...

I spotted you too. Connie Joy is a beautiful name. The Duchesses Mother is "Joy", and her daughter's middle name is Joy! Maybe you're related! :)

Emma Rose

L. D. said...

Cool photo of your class. We had two Larrys and two Kathys. I had to be called Larry Dean because they didn't want to have a mix up. I finally got to be called just Larry when I went into junior high.