Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chance : Egg Lake

One day we headed out on an adventure.  Far Side likes adventures..and she found this lake on a map.  She asked Far Guy “ Have you ever been to Egg Lake?  He said “NO, but I suppose you wanna go?” She did..

Lower Egg Lake Oct 23 2010

That muddy trail which we did not follow leads to Lower Egg Lake..I was told “Chance, stay out of the mud.” Not much of a lake…but there were some awfully good smells there. 

Chance at Upper Egg Lake

Now this is a lake..this is Upper Egg Lake. See those trees out in the center of the lake..that is an island.

IMG_8694  Far Side would like to live on that Island.  Far Guy said “Go ahead, live there..we will visit you when the lake freezes over.”


There were still a few Asters blooming and we talked to a Duck Hunter who wouldn’t let his dogs out of the truck. I think they might have been afraid of me..because I barked at them. The hunter said “If I let them out they will head straight for the water and be all wet, they are real water dogs.”  As if I wasn’t a real water dog..I just chose to stay dry and warm sometimes:)

** Upper and Lower Egg Lakes are in Becker County, Minnesota within the boundaries of Tamarac Wildlife Refuge.


  1. Thank you so much Chance for lettin' us tag along on your grand adventure to Egg Lake. WoW what a beautiful trip...and an island too!

    You are one funny Dog Mister, "Far Guy would visit when the lake freezes over!" Heeehehe!

    Have a great day sniffin' out a trail!

    Sendin' blessings to Far Side! :o)

  2. Just wondering how Egg Lake got its name? Here in NJ, we have several Egg Harbors, and the name origin goes back to the 17th or 18th century. Any connection?

  3. Chance is a real water dog, we all know that.

  4. Muff, Thanks for the question! I was curious too..I could find no history on this lake..or why it was named Egg Lake. I wanted to come up with its story..but I struck out:(

  5. Chance, I enjoyed the tour very much. You are very lucky to get to go on these adventures and I appreciate you sharing the beauty of your world with me!

  6. Ahhh! A delightful tour of your country! Another big thank you for that!


  7. Sounds like you all had a nice outing...

  8. Fun adventures. I need to get out and about again! Too much sitting and crocheting!! lol

  9. I like going on trips with you Chance, You have so much fun with Far Guy and that nice Far Side.

  10. Chance - - that was a great picture you had Far Side take of the island and the evergreen is in the foreground of the photo! I love that perspective. You gave her some good camera advice. It looks like you had a pretty day for your adventure. If your "Fars" gave you a choice of your top three favorite lakes, could you narrow it down? From the way you write your posts, I think every place you visit is a favorite because life is always an adventure for you.

  11. Hi Chance,
    That lake looks like it could be great fun in the summer. Lot's of swimming!

    You are looking quite handsome as always :)

    Emma Rose

  12. How can you sit next to the lake and not jump in? Such a good boy...

  13. Love the prospecitve of your stories Chance...maybe you should become an author.

  14. What a great outing for you Chance. I have never heard of Egg Lake but there are so many up there. You did a good job of keeping clean. You are so black and white and clean looking. Barney is on a regular brushing program right now as he has allergies and the brushing really helps. We buy special food for him which helps out a lot that is good for skin and hair. Take care for now Chance, I bet you needed a nap after your adventure.

  15. Hi i sure am enjoying your writing. came across you in the favorite blogs section and click! i liked the one about the yellow pages too. Keep up the great adventures. mary Quaint


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