Sunday, November 7, 2010

Deer Hunting

Minnesota’s deer hunting season began yesterday. Even if you didn’t know about it you would figure it out by the sounds of rifles being discharged. One time in the afternoon someone shot 18 times..Far Guy counted.  It sounded like a war zone out there.

I spent the afternoon out in Far Guys “Studio” carving some special Christmas Ornaments.  He has taken to calling his old greenhouse a “Studio” ..perhaps it makes it easier for him to justify how messy it is. While I carved..I listened..there are still some Canadian Geese out and about..there is a Pileated Woodpecker someplace in the woods..and gunshots in every direction except the east. 

The wily whitetails are out and about everywhere.

I shot two recently..I don’t need a license.

IMG_8574 They are named Whitetail deer for a reason…I took this out of the windshield one day when Chance and I were off on one of our adventures.


On the way to town the other day this deer almost caused a traffic jam.

I understand that “she who sees robins first” could also be called “she who shot the first deer of the season.”

Neither Far Guy or I hunt with rifles anymore.  Since moving back here we can enjoy the out of doors everyday..we don’t need hunting for an excuse to get into the woods.  I love hunting them with my camera.


This was my best shot during deer season last year..let the camera hunting begin:)


  1. So happy you enjoy shooting them with your camera now :) The older I get the less I can stand violence or pain of any kind. I am getting a new camera for Christmas and I'm so excited. It is just the right size for me to begin taking pictures again as I use to when the kids were small. Hope you and Far Guy have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your carved ornaments come out beautifully.

  2. We have bow season going on right now as they are trying to thin the herds of many deer throughout the rural area and in the city of Des Moines. The corn is picked and the deer are getting hit right and left on our four lane highway. Do we get to see what you are carving?

  3. Great photos Connie. I can't wait to see what you are carving this year. Hope you will enjoy your Sunday.

  4. I like camera hunting, too. Fun captures. Is there an influx of deer in your area? I'd be so worried about car accidents from hitting them when they are so brave to go wandering across the road during the daylight.
    I've only seen deer in our area once and that was at night. Thankfully they were beside the road. I hope we have enough deer to feed the mountain lions and bears in our mountains, though.


  5. Opening day was Wednesday here and I heard shots yesterday....I don't go camera hunting when the seasons one....way too chicken of getting shot at.

  6. Growing up in a hunting family, and on the gun club we were taught the absolute respect for guns.

    But I would be worried for you wandering around there, unless I knew that you wore bright orange jumpsuits, and flashing lights. Just because those [ah people] have a license doesn't mean they have common sense. Be careful.

    What's this years ornament?

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. I had forgotten about your carving but now that you mentioned it, I remember the gorgeous items you shared in pictures a while ago. We will be happy to see them again - - - but you don't have to show the ones that are surprises.
    When we lived on Grandpa's farm in upstate NY for a couple of years, I remember the hunters coming up from as far south as NYC to hunt during deer season. I remember it being commonplace to see deer hanging and draining from trees. The meat was delicious. However, I, too, don't want to think about it or deal with it anymore - - - even if it is necessary to thin the herds.
    THANK you for sharing with us what you did shoot!

  8. Our youth weekend started yesterday. I haven't seen a deer since the apples fell of our trees. I think they are hiding in our woods which are posted so they know they'll be safe. I loved your photos. P.S. - your header shots are wonderful.

  9. Its very hard to own a gun in the UK. Handguns are illegal. So most people only soot with cameras :-)


  10. Awwww, my favorite way to shoot too. Yep, deer season 'round these parts puts me deep inside my house 'cause like ya said, it's war out there in them woods! Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya and have an incredible day sweetie!!!

  11. Deer season has FINALLY just about ended for us. The last one is going on now. The goose/duck season will begin and then the pheasant season. I post our place...for several reasons...broken down fences, left open gates shot cows and the fact I love the wild life. Although, we have a very tiny bird population now, because of the import of the foxes and the lynx. They compete with the coyotes for everything.


  12. There is no hunting where we live, thank goodness. We get enough 'shots' around here in blueberry season, from the bird cannons.
    My attempt a deer 'shooting' this morning was a total fail:(

  13. On Saturday someone across the highway a bit needed to practice shooting. But I'd like to know what the heck you'd shoot with an automatic. But maybe what he really needed to do was cut down a tree and he ran outta gas for his chain saw. At least that was one theory I came up with while shovelin' dirt out in the Market Garden.

    We laugh at how just before deer season you can see them everywhere, on every road way. Almost like they are waving at all the hunters that are just waiting for the season to begin. Then they disappear, only to come out in a few months and run across the highway until a car hits them.

  14. It's a little disconcerting when you are riding a horse in the woods and can hear those rifles. I'm not sure the wearing of orange is a magic shield.


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