Friday, November 19, 2010

Eagle Food

There is a new road kill or a not quite shot deer in the field across from our driveway. Oh, who knows perhaps it just died of old age right there in the field after it escaped the big hunt last week.  The fresh meat attracts the Eagles, even in the cold weather the smell of death must attract them. Eagle Nov 17 2010 I took this photo on Wednesday. Eagle lunch time. There were three of them vying for a spot at the venison buffet.

Chance and I went out and waited in the right of way for a long time yesterday, hoping to see some Eagle action..we saw a couple of crows..that was it.

IMG_9189This is where we waited, why is it that the one day that I could not stick around they were there and the next day when I have the whole afternoon to watch them..the Eagles are nowhere to be seen?  I enjoyed the sunshine but not the wind that howled across the fields. There was a fair amount of traffic.  Some people wave because they know it is just me, some people just stare because they are wondering what in the world I am doing ..thank goodness no one stopped to check on me. I wanted to walk into the field..but that would have been trespassing.  The frozen field is probably rougher than a cob to walk on anyway.

 IMG_9199 Food for the eagles and the coyotes..and maybe even the turkey vultures if they haven’t gone south or a wolf passing through.  Nature is sometimes harsh like the November winds that blow across the prairie.

In a day or two only the hide and a pile of bones will be left..the legs will end up over in our woods and the coyotes and Chance will play “Whose got the deer leg today.”  Chance tries to bury them in the snow banks, once it snows. One winter Far Guy got one of the deer legs caught in his snow blower.  He found Chances stash…clunk..clunk..and the leg went flying in the air in two parts instead of one.  Chance was more than happy to find two different snow banks to bury them in.

Today Chance and I will check the carcass again..the wind is still howling like a banshee out many days with so much wind..:(


  1. I'm thinking that they only like fairly fresh stuff. We notice that here at the farm during lambing and eagle snacking season, they only come back one or two days in a row to feed on a particular carcass, then they kill another one. Or steal a duck. The eagles leave the rotting food to those better equiped to deal with the pathogens. The turkey vultures do disgusting things down their own legs to keep from having bad effects from a life of standing on putressence. Have fun today standing on the highway with Chance.

  2. I never seem to get the wild critters to accommodate my photography urges. I run to get the camera and my subject has fled! Go figure! Heeehehee!!!

    I usually end up with hind legs and hides in my front yard thanks to Tiger the Wonder Dog. He love to share!

    Good luck soarin' with the eagles today sweetie!

    God bless and enjoy your stakeout!!! :o)

  3. Dogs do love a good deer leg, don't they.
    At least you got the one nice shot of the eagle. They are really majestic--even on the ground. :)
    It has been just wind-wind-wind--yes!

  4. You have eagles...lovely! I have to really LOOK for eagles, they are around but not plentiful.

    The wind is suppose to pick up AGAIN tomorrow but right now it is calm. I went out and stood in the CALM air is was so strange.

    Wind...this sure has been a year for wind in our part of the world.


  5. Great shot of an eagle in the first photo! I hate the wind - chills me to the bone...

  6. That IS one big eagle. I clicked on the photo of the deer - - - it's sort of macabre and beautiful - - - the serene face and hide - - - and then the clean-picked bones. Thanks for enduring the wind for your blog buddies!

  7. We rarely see Bald Eagles here. Must have been something to see them working on that carcass.

  8. It always amazes me how fast a carcass can disappear. We have the "leg game" going on around here but now that Missy has moved away the competition isn't nearly as interesting.

  9. We would never see an eagle on a deer carcass around here; that's pretty impressive. And we have vultures year round here. We have a ton of wind here though...I HATE it.

  10. I think the cold and snow would be so much better if the wind wouldn't blow fifty miles an hour!

  11. You are so dedicated! I look forward to your handiwork. That wind is really harsh, here too.

  12. You know, I've been told that birds have no sense of smell, but I always have wondered how they know there are dead things around to eat!Lovely pictures.

  13. I'm complaining about the cold wind here too, although it won't be as cold as yours. Our ground isn't frozen solid, but we have a bit of snow.

  14. When the time is right, the perfect shot will come.

    Isn't it wonderful that we have creatures to do the clean up?

  15. Found your blog on "blogs of note" as you enter "blogger sign up"!
    I enjoyed your blog and your other ones as the book idea!
    ...I and my hubby love to eagle watch..the most we saw in one day was 17...and we live on the chilly prairies of Canada to boot!!!
    I'm still going through "blogs of note"...when I'm done I'll come back to follow.

  16. We are six miles from the Des Moines river but the eagles stay over there. We get to see the turkey vultures on the roads though with plenty of deer hit along the road. It looks cold and I did not like that wind either.


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