Saturday, October 19, 2013

Trip to the Dentist

Gosh I hate going to the Dentist, but I am done again for six months.  Far Guy is not so lucky, he is scheduled for Oral Surgery, he has a wisdom tooth coming in sideways and a fistula. (Left over from a root amputation or a wayward bone fragment.)  He is not crazy, many times over the past few years he has said “Something is not right up there in my mouth.”  Well he was right and not crazy..the X Rays prove it.  He doesn’t get the famous Olympian Hockey playing Baker this time but another fellow.  I will let you know when it is over.  I have asked that they gel foam the incision and stitch him up to try to avoid a dry socket..we will see.  He has asked for Nitrous. This is his last Wisdom Tooth…he should have had them all removed at once when he was younger…he had two done at once and swore never again…well never again is on round two.

We go to a further away little town to the Dentist.  He is a Finnish lad.   His wife who shoulda been a Dentist is the hygienist. We schedule our appointments back to back, since it is a 40 minute drive over there.

Chance and I went wandering about town and the immediate area while Far Guy was in the chair.


We stopped by St. Urho and then headed out to the forest fire area.


This area burned last summer.  It was part of the Green Valley Forest Fire.


Sad to see wide open spaces that used to be filled with pine trees.  There are huge piles of brush and some wood is being chipped into small pieces.  What logs could be salvaged are long gone.


I found this great bunch of Halloween decorations.  Someone has the Halloween spirit!

While I was in the chair Far Guy and Chance went to visit a classmate of his who is in assisted living.   He has a memory problem that was induced by overindulgence in alcohol following the death of his girlfriend.  He can remember everything in the distant past, but cannot remember if he ate today or who visited him.  He always remembers Far Guy.  I am not sure how much company he gets…but if he cannot remember does it really matter:(

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  1. With FG's TN, I hate that he has to have oral surgery. John and I both have cleaning appts with a new dentist here that was recommended by our home builder. Always nervous the first time with a new dr.
    How nice that FG visited the friend. It's ok if the guy does not remember for long; at least it passed time pleasantly for a while. I have an elderly friend that I speak to by phone who is the same way. At least it gives her son/caregiver a break for a short time.

  2. My six-month cleaning is in two weeks. I also don't like to go to the dentist, but I do it anyway because nothing is worse than having a toothache. It never goes away. I hope it all goes well with Far Guy's surgery. I know I'll hear about it here. Sending cyber hugs his way.

  3. Sending good wishes to Far Guy. Not fun for TNers to go to the dentist for anything much less serious surgery. I hope that he recovers well and fast.
    Shirley H.

  4. Visiting the dentist is not on my "favorite" list either. I go my a twice a year teeth cleaning and for the last couple of years a once a year new crown. This year I had to have an implant done - not cheap (crown broke off a tooth that had had a root canal done years ago). Hope everything works out for Far Guy.

  5. Hope all goes well with Far Guy's oral surgery! We have a new dentist in town and he has all the latest equipment. So different than when I had my wisdom teeth removed years ago. Glad that Far Guy had a chance to visit with his classmate even if he doesn't remember.
    Have great weekend.

  6. Oh I cant stand the Dentist ! Hope all goes well for Far Guy ! Lovely photos . Nice for Far Guy to visit an old friend even if his friend doesn't remember but Far Guy does and that must make him feel good . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  7. I love going to the dentist. I get a toy. Kidding!

    Aren't you glad that's over?

  8. I hope that all went well, and his recovery is can't help that he has TN, that must make it so much worse.


  9. I sure hope Far Guy doesn't suffer too awful much! Looks like you and chance had a good afternoon waiting though!

  10. My dentist appts have gotten much better in the last few years ~ I used to hate it with a passion! I go to a lady dentist she must not like pain either because things are now good :) Hope Far Guys appt goes well ~

  11. All the best to Far Guy1 And I agree that it's really nice of him too visit his old classmate. If the guy remember FG, then he is using part of his brain that doesn't function all the time, so that's beneficial as well as kind.

  12. Dentistry has progressed a lot in the last few years, so I know Far Guy will have a good experience this time around.

    Great photos of your adventurous walk with Chance.

  13. Wishing Far Guy the best as he goes through oral surgery. Not much fun, but a necessary evil.

  14. You didn't mention dental fees. That's what really hurts. I hope everything goes well.

  15. I'm sending magic thought that Far Guy goes the the oral surgery fine and no problems at all!!!


  16. Poor Far Guy - he must feel beat up some days...

  17. I hate the dentist, too. I had to have oral surgery several years ago and am finally going to make the last payment in December. I wish FarGuy a quick surgery--as painless as possible--with a fast recovery and no dry socket this time. :)
    Sadly, when they don't remember I suppose it doesn't make a lot of difference, but it is still nice of FarGuy to go see him when he can.


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