Sunday, October 13, 2013

Shopping cause it rained

Just an excuse to get out of the house by my type A husband, who needed a special paintbrush and a new stapler.  I had a few things on my shopping list, but had given up finding them. Low and behold I found them in a tourist trap.  We wandered in and out of several stores on Main Street, two were so perfumey we turned around and left.  Incense, potpourri, candles and who knows what all.   I got an instant headache.  Me..headachy doesn’t make  a happy shopper.  To tell you the absolute truth, shopping for antiques is really the only kind of shopping I enjoy.  Of course I sent one business an email and the other had a Facebook page…so I left a comment.  I think feedback is important.

Far Guy said “Do you suppose they have that many customers who don’t shower?”  I don’t know but the stench was horrid.  Far Guy thinks that some women must be more tempted to part with their money when the perfume overwhelms them.  Not me, I headed for the door sneezing.

The two stores we finally shopped in were normal in regards to being odiferous… Ben Franklin ( a five and dime) and The Trading Post, where they still gift wrap and smile and say thank you. 

Then of course we hit the Farm Supply Store where I wandered the pet aisle looking for new stuff to entertain Chance.   There might be an odor in that store but at least it is an earthy smell.

We got an inch and a half of rain and it has turned cold, we had a high temperature of 45 F or 7 C yesterday and there is a frost warning out for this morning.  Outside projects will be on hold until it stops raining/snowing…snow is possible with freezing temperatures. 


Fishhook Lake October 12, 2013

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  1. Morning, oh some stores just plain stink, I head for the door too..........Love the picture of Fishhook lake, so pretty, Francine.

  2. Oh, dear. If snow is closing in on you, it will be headed our way in the next 30 days.

  3. Sounds like the shopping trip could of been a tad better. I agree, I think that my favorite shopping is at antique shops. The hubby and I love to take off on a Saturday or Sunday and just go antiquing!

  4. Your photo just looks cold! I cannot stand perfume odors in stores. Sometimes, I can smell the store from the parking lot!
    I also love your header photos.

  5. Can you imagine having to work in one of those stinky stores? The poor employees must carry a blue fog of candles around with them wherever they go. I even hesitated this morning before going into a Dunkin Doughnuts for fear that I'd be smelling like coffee the rest of the day.

  6. I totally agree with you regarding the highly scented stores...I think the staff gets used to it, and no longer notices it. But being a highly allergic person, I need to choose my stores wisely.


  7. I don't like the scented stuff either, and it's usually an invitation for me to head back out the door.
    You still have a Ben Franklin? I'm jealous. I miss the old five and dime stores.
    Hopefully we have some time yet before we get HIGHS of 45! We'll be in the 60's this week, with some sun!
    Stay warm.

  8. When I find a smelly store, I always think, "what smell can they possibly be trying to cover?" I leave, too. Glad that you provided feedback to the businesses - it's important that they know not everyone likes or can even stand to be around such heavy fragrances.

  9. I am allergic to perfume too and in a candle store I have the same reaction.,

  10. You still have a Ben Franklin store there! I thought they had all closed long ago.
    Love the photo of Fishhook Lake. I hope you/we don't see any snow for a long time yet.

  11. I hate smelly stores, but worse than a smelly store is passing by someone soaked in patchouli - ugh! I get to smell a lot of that around here and especially when working the fair. I miss our Ben Franklin store, ours had fabric, notions and craft supplies like no other store.

    Cold seems colder when it rains does it not?! Your fall colors are enviable.

  12. Wonder if a rat got trapped and died in the sub flooring or walls...unawares...when you say things like "stench" and "horrid" that's what comes to mind for me.

    Totally relate to getting overwhelmed with perfume. I'm not a happy camper when all I can do is sneeze and sneeze...

  13. and here I wondered if I was the only person in the world who hated those perfumed candle smelling stores.

  14. Brrrrr - - - Your high is still lower than our lows at night. We will be in the mid to low seventies during the day this week which is good since the contractors will have a LARGE hole in our den wall tomorrow when removing French Doors and installing a window. So glad you both felt good enough to get out. Praying your Lyme's will improve since you get to set your own schedule for a few months.
    With the weather, do you make large pots of soup - -- freeze any of it? What are the comfort/body-warming winter foods for you all?

  15. I can't stand perfumey smells either. Hubby doesn't believe me that they bother me. He thinks I'm being 'theatrical'.
    I would have done the same as you, though.
    I didn't know there were any Ben Franklin's left. That was my first job as a teenager!
    Sounds like winter has arrived at your back door. The lake looks quite cold.
    Hope you are getting better every day. Have a wonderful week. ♥

  16. I have been shamed into helping with grocery shopping . I rarely go to stores or malls.
    We've had lots of frosts ...minus 2 to 4 C(25 f)
    We're dry and there's nothing on the horizon for snow.

  17. My favourite shopping is in thrift stores. I hate to think of you getting snow so soon. Seems like last winter's melted not to long ago.

  18. Finally getting back to reading my blog friends' posts. I feel the same way about perfume. Why do they do that? And the nice earthy smell in farm stores does NOT give me a headache. :-)


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