Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flying recon in the yard

Far Guy’s newest passion is flying recon through the yard.

It entertains us in the evening when there is no wind..he flies and I photograph.  It doesn’t take much to entertain the aging.

The copter

It even has lights.  I don’t fly it, I have a hard time chewing gum and walking at the same time.


Sometimes I wonder where he is trying to land it.

Flying recon over the daylilies

Here he is flying recon over the daylilies.  Notice the green grass? 

We still have some patches of snow for Chance to lay in after playing ball.  It has finally warmed up  a tad.  The ice is still on the lakes.

I am hoping for a warmer week at the museum..maybe it will get to 60 degrees F in the building!!!  Not sure whether or not the Governor or the Lieutenant Governor are coming to the open house at the museum on Friday or not.  Some people say we are on “the schedule”..some people say we are not.  I just hope I get everything spiffed up, cleaned up and organized by Friday..it will be a busy week:)

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  1. LOL!!! Your so cute......Finally nice warm Spring days here to.....Enjoy the evenings, :) Francine.

  2. That does look entertaining. I am happy for you that the snow is melting away.

  3. Fabulous shots, Connie! You're getting good with your camera.

    Hope that pesky snow disappears completely!

    Lady Fi

  4. Nice recon shots. I do hope it warms up a little in the museum. Didn't you use a space heater last year? :-)

    1. Yes I have a space heater, last week it got to 52 degrees using it! This week I hope for 60! :)

  5. Boys and their toys. The RC guys were up flying their planes at the reservoir (they have an airstrip up there) Sunday night when I was out paddling.

  6. Chuckle... boys! They never change!
    I hope the dignitaries do come to the museum - how great for them to see what your community has.

  7. Oh that is too much fun, you got great shots. And it's like practicing for shooting shots of moving objects...

    I do see green grass, way to go.

    It's been over 30 C here for days....I think thats 86F? What ever it is it is hot.


  8. I sure know what you mean with a busy week. You will have to let us know if you get visited by the famous guest. Looks like far guy is pretty good at flying ;~)

  9. I think you need to get a pot bellied stove and run a vent out a window. It would be true the history of the times of the things in your building. Maybe the governor can find some finding to make the building modern. Solar panels or something.

  10. There are some guys that gather regularly on a quiet country road not far from here (we drive past them on our way to the dyke)and fly their remote control planes.
    Yay for green grass. We are having 'summer' here. Probably going to get a rude reminder that it is only May, and return to cool and rain before long.

  11. I'm sure that you will have everything up to snuff! Yesterday, we had a very hot day...30 C (around 85 F)

  12. Yes, you do have a lot to do this week. HOpe the warm up continues for you.

  13. I hope you get to shake Governor Marks hand a congratulate him on the fine job he is doing. And wish him good luck fishing. :)

  14. Boy's will be boy's lol ! Hope it warms up for you ! Nice photos . Hope all goes well at the museum . Have a good day !

  15. So Friday is to be the Big Day? I'll sure be thinking of you then. Hope all is beyond ready...sparkling ready!

  16. My hubby has one of these...he tries to trim my hair with it!!!

  17. What a cute little helicopter!! I can see why this could entertain--but then I am aging, too--LOL!
    It got up to 78 over here on Tuesday! Crazy warm for spring!


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