Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wistful Wednesday: Christmas 1984

It is December First let the Christmas activities begin.

Christmas 1984 Clarksville Ind This is Christmas 1984 at Far Guys sisters house in Indiana.  Far Guy had hair back then and my hair was really..really long.  The only one missing from this photo is Ronald..he was taking the photo.  From the left, Far Guy, His Dad, me, Jennifer ( age 9), Trica (age12), Bethany( age 3), Jan and a tired looking Mom.  Far Guy and his sister only have girls…the three pictured here.

Oh yes, and that is Baby Snuffer trying to steal some cookies. Baby Snuffer was born when we lived in Florida and flew to Indiana when she was old enough and had all her shots. She must have been about 11 years old in this photo ..and she knew better..but she loved cookies. She also loved to see us, it was like she remembered us and her Mother.  

Christmas in Indiana is way warmer than Christmas in Minnesota. It is possible to have Christmas without snow.  This was at their house in town with the fenced in back yard..a great place for mother and daughter dogs to run around and play!

It was a long used to take about eighteen hours to get there.  Sometimes the roads would be icy and sometimes snowy, we used to drive straight through..while the girls slept. It was easier that way:)


  1. It's fun to see photos from past Christmas'. Wow, that was a long drive. Sis (Karen) is in Indiana now and she is about 9 hours from us. She does often get snow but it is not nearly as frigid as your weather.

  2. You look like a teen-ager yourself, in this picture! Yep, you can have Christmas without snow, we're proof of that, you can even have Christmas in mud! Good thing it doesn't depend on the weather eh?

  3. What a great picture. It makes me homesick for my own old photos, which are tucked away in a huge bin that I would have to go through to find. So I'll just enjoy yours instead and put it off for another day. :-)

  4. Christmas past pictures makes be think of happy times.

  5. Yes, I think I would rather have Christmas in Indiana rather than Minnesota! But I guess if we are going to live in the Northern states we better be used to it! NOT and you get even colder than we do!

  6. I really like photos from the 70's and 80's... all the great clothes and hair-dos are such a hoot. Your hair looks a lot like mine did at that time.


  7. You look great with long hair! That was some journey to visit relatives...

  8. Awwwww, just look at you cute young self there. The hair...looks quite familiar. :o)

    God bless and thanks for sharin' your memories!!!


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