Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wistful Wednesday: Early 1920's

These are Meady's children. Two girls and a boy, Far Guy's Mom is the oldest. This photo was probably taken in 1922, the children's ages would have been, 5, 3 and 8 that year. Somehow I cannot imagine perching a two year old up on that beautiful bench. A three year old 1922 it is! When I look at this photo I can see a number of cousins reflected in the faces of these children. I love that everyone has a bow, and is wearing some kind of stockings. This is a photo to treasure. The little boy is still living..he turned 92 this week. He is ageing..and can no longer hear people on the phone. He lives in a retirement community with his lovely wife, and a very spoiled dog that has been known to swallow a hearing aid. It was do I say this..retrieved in due time:)


  1. Connie, What a beautiful picture! These are such handsome children and what lovely clothing. What a treasure that you have this photograph.
    That's funny about the dog and the hearing aid!
    Hope you are having a good day!

  2. I'm whatever the opposite of a romantic is. I just keep thinking what it took to get those children looking and staying like that! No gel, hairspray, spraystarch, disposable diapers, automatic washer & dryer. Maybe not even running water.

  3. Beautiful picture Connie..
    beautifully dressed and look like well behaved!
    So funny about the dog and hearing aid..
    Julia ♥

  4. Those are some pretty kids. I bet they didn't like wearing those nice clothes, at least I didn't when i was young. I also hated wearing new took too long to break them in.

  5. I have been visiting your blog and feeling guilty about not commenting. I enjoy your photos and humor so much! I love blogs that take me to a part of the country and a lifestyle so different from my world. I was intrigued by the title in another blog's sidebar and keep coming back. Far Guy's wife/sidekick, Far Side; a wise and seasoned look at life from someone a bit older than fifty; wacky, out of the box thinking--great! I agree with everyone--the photo looks like the ironing board must be set up off camera. The portrait studio experience is a juggling act even in this day and age and every little aspect is so perfect. Obviously from its condition this portrait has been carefully kept and it is a treasure.

  6. Great photo and the insightful comments made me enjoy it even more.

    Loving Wistful Wednesdays....

  7. Oh, that's a hoot! Swallowing a hearing aid!

    I love that photo! How did they manage to remain so serene and .. clean?!

  8. Sometimes I get sad thinking things like: it won't be long until someone is saying things about me living so long ago. Sigh!

    I loved this photo, a part of me would have loved to live in that era.


  9. *debbi* Glad you enjoy the blog, I enjoy writing it! What you get here is always ..just me..perhaps a bit wacky at the wall..but always ME! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    I believe that years ago, having your photograph taken was a "big deal" ..the children probably looked forward to this event for weeks. Meady was always neat as a pin..and her children were too. :)

  10. I can't hear S#*T. Couldn't help myself. ha ha

    What a wonderful photo. Okay that does it. I have to post some old photos.


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