Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wistful Wednesday : 1913

This is Far Guys maternal Grandmother, Clara or Mead or Meady or Meade.... her middle name was Almeada. Old timers around here call her Meady. Her family came from Iowa. She had two sisters and five brothers. She was born April 18th, 1893. This photograph was taken before June 18, 1913. She was a teacher, and she married a farmer. They occupied the family "home" farm, kitty corner from where I grew up. When I found this photograph, I was simply amazed at how beautiful she was. It is hard to imagine her at twenty years old..

In 1955 she contracted tubercular meningitis. She was quarantined in a Sanatorium.. Far Guy was not allowed to visit, so he stayed in the car. He is not sure why his sister was not along (perhaps she stayed with a friend) ..note I said suppose to stay in the car..apparently these times were spent exploring the vast grounds of the remote sanatorium. One day they were allowed inside, he says he remembers she was behind a huge glass window and he waved to her. All the cousins were there that day, possibly for her birthday or Christmas. She spent several years there. I remember that she was very ill, and being told that she might die..and I was sad. His grandpa was a frequent visitor at our house during this time.

Then one day she came home, and she was totally deaf. She refused to learn sign language, she said it would be a waste of time. I used to take written notes to her from my mother, then I would run back home and tell my Mom exactly what she said. Years later she graduated to one of those Magic Eraser Boards, you know the ones with the little plastic "pen" that was usually red, you wrote on the board, after she read it, you pulled up on the plastic film on the bottom and had a new slate to write on again. She could speak, and she did in a really loud voice, of course she could not hear herself. As she aged sometimes she talked to herself..out was actually quite revealing. Grandpa hardly ever used the Magic Eraser Board to talk to her, he just kept on speaking to her normally, using his own form of sign language. I think she could read his lips..cause sometimes she would throw stuff at him. He was used to being ignored.

The day that Far Guy and I wrote on the board ..We are going to have a baby. She was so excited, she asked "When are you due?" I wrote April 1st. She replied " You will give birth on my birthday." I wrote OH NO Grandma, April 18th would be a long wait. She said "No matter, you will give birth on my birthday." And I did. Her first Great Grand Daughter was born on April 18, 1972 on her 79th birthday. Somehow she just knew it, predicted it and I fulfilled it:)


  1. This brings tears to my eyes. What a beautiful bride she was and what a blessing for your daughter to share her birth date. Thanks for sharing this sweet story.

  2. Another interesting story, Connie. My grandfather also had tuberculous. The State of Kentucky gave him a tent to live in and he was placed in quarantine outside his home. The State also furnished him with a radio and magazines. I'm not sure how long he lived in the tent. My grandmother would take meals to him and set it outside the tent and he would step out to pick it up. His children (16 kids) would sit outside and listen to his radio, a luxary they did not have in the house.
    Many years later my brother (4 years old) cut himself with my grandfather's pocket knife and contacted turberculos. My brother was hospitalized and nearly died but by the grace of God is still here. He's 51 today.

  3. I enjoyed reading about Meady-what a beautiful young lady she was. Such an intersting life too. I love that she predicted the birth of your child-very neat!

  4. What a wonderfully satisfying story! I loved it.

  5. I absolutely positively completely enjoyed that story! Meady, that is a very cute nickname indeed.

  6. I love the old photos, especially weddings and the baby ones with the big bonnets and bows in children's hair!

  7. I love Meady's beautiful picture.
    I also was amazed when I saw a picture of my Grandmother when she was young. She was beautiful, too.
    I enjoyed the story that went so well with the photo.
    Have a great day.

  8. Oh what a wonderful story! She knew, she really knew. That's so neat.

  9. I was trying to find your post about the wood burner. Where might I find it?

  10. what a "grand" story this was. I keep promising that i'm going to pull some of our old photos and write, and I keep not fulfilling.

    I'm afraid I don't have too much info about the grand parents. I kick myself for never sitting with my grandma and asking questions.


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