Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Fires

Last night "The Natives" were restless..either that or someone was released from jail. Fire bugs, those people that love to watch the pretty Fire Truck lights scurrying around putting out fires. It is brown here, and there is lots of dead tall grass in the ditches. They drive along in their cars and throw rolls of toilet paper out the windows..flaming rolls of toilet it unrolls it spreads the fire.

Last night was a busy night. Far Guy and Pyro (Nephew) burned off my wild flower area, then we got company and Pyro finished the burn and wet everything down, and brought Chance back to the house. A little while later a page came out for a Medical call, and shortly after that a report of a fire..on our corner! Now our fire could not have escaped ..could it? No, it was the flaming toilet paper perpetrators. ..and the fire was across the gravel road. Far Guy is only on duty during the day, last night he shut off his pager, he said it was a busy night for the Fire Department...hopefully it will rain soon..the grass will green up and the fire danger will have passed for awhile. The BIA has it's own fire crew, they stay really busy this time of year.
The Oaks, I may bitch and moan about how late they leaf out, and complain about the leaves. It only took one crowning Forest Fire in the property in the Pines south of us to make me a believer in Oaks.

May 01, 2004. I was working in my greenhouse..

Far Guy was in his..

Jo stopped by..and Far Guy said I think there is a fire just south of us. ( Actually, I think he said "Holy shit, that fire is coming straight for us." ) It was a really dry spring that year, and this particular day there was a wind from the south about 30 mph. The fire was intentionally set, needless to say it spread like wild fire. Fire Departments began to arrive...four different departments. Jen and Andy were coming to visit that evening..they were on the way and noticed all the smoke.. Jen called and said "YUM, Mom there is a whole lot of smoke in your direction..where is the fire?" I replied " Across the road in the pines." By the time I went out to check on things can't see very much back here in the woods..the plane was here dumping the wet stuff on the red stuff.

I then went back to the house, to find I had my own personal fire truck stationed at my house, and two firefighters who I knew..that told me.. "You have to leave, it is not safe back here anymore, our orders are to evacuate everyone." Well, I of course asked who issued THAT was the Chief..I asked what buildings will you protect? The reply was "just the house" ...not the Greenhouses? "Nope, just the house, but we should be able to save it, your steel roof will really help." Then the Firefighter who I have known all my life ( I remember when he was born, I probably even changed his diaper a time or two) said.. "you have to leave now"..and he gave me a hug. I told him to help himself, there was food and cold soda in the fridge..just in case he was hungry. Then I went into the house, and grabbed my camera and my hooded sweatshirt and hopped on the three wheeler and left. No ID, no money, no checkbook, no real vehicle..Far Guy had his truck and a shovel. We waited out by the end of the sister in law was pretty smart..she packed up her possessions and put them in her car. She had all her important "stuff."

There were a few "spot" fires that came over the road that day, they were quickly extinguished, the wind switched to the southwest and forced the fire toward the lake, and as soon as it hit the was manageable..and the fire went out. The fires back in the pines, smoldered for was determined to be a fire set by someone..they were never apprehended. Thank goodness for the Oaks. You couldn't pay me to live in the Pines..they are beautiful..but deadly in a forest fire. I will take my Oaks, leaves and all:)


  1. Thank goodness for those oaks! What a scary experience.

  2. How horrible that anyone would deliberately set a fire to potentially harm people, animals and property let alone destroy God's beautiful world and make the air unsafe to breathe. Thank goodness for the oaks, for sure. Hope you all have a good weekend.

  3. Tis the season for the fires! It is dry as heck here right now. Hard to believe after all the mud I have witnessed.
    I love your greenhouse pics. Looked like a therapeutic place to be!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow, how scary that would have been, that you actually had to evacuate! In the last few months, just careless cigarettes thrown out the window have started roadside fires. Sometimes I cannot believe how STUPID people can be. Duh, when the grass is brown all around for miles, do you really think it is no big deal to throw a cigarette out the window??!

    Glad you all were safe and the house and the greenhouses too. (Wow, those are some NICE greenhouses you have there, what fun that would be!)

  5. Dearest Connie...Finally I get around to a personal note...I just started to read through all the prayers and good wishes sent to us after the accident, and your good name was amongst them. I am touched, and from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your kindness and healing help....
    with great affection,
    Braja xx

  6. What a story Connie - I had goose bumps. That is scary. I feel for leaving without anything. I personally haven't experienced - but folks around here have with the occasional flood and the hurricanes. Hurricanes do give some time to prepare. So glad it didn't take your home that day. I just don't understand why some people do such stupid things. It serves no purpose. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I haven't heard of fires being started with toliet paper before. That's an awful thing to do.

  8. Wow - that was a scary story. I remember one April night when it looked like the whole prairie was on fire, it wasn't, of course, but the fire department was busy all night fighting the fires set by some losers who had nothing better to do but set fires.

    By the way, I don't mind if you put my blog on your list, that would be great.

    Mary P

  9. Fires are really scary. Glad all is ok. Your greenhouses are fabulous! The Duchess is sooooo jealous :) My paw is doing much better by the way. Thanks for all the well wishes.

    Kisses for Chance!
    Emma Rose

  10. Hi Connie - how well do I remember that day. We went to the lake and watched the plane scoop up water to then fly over and drop on fire. Very interesting and ended well. jo

  11. OK, when did I give you permission to be in MY greenhouse?

  12. Jeeze, considering the price of toilet paper these days, the dolts up in your neck of the woods must have money to burn.
    Love those greenhouses. I could spend all day in there. Not working, just looking!!!! Do you miss not having the business anymore?

  13. I think they steal the TP from out of the Casinos.....go in thin and come out plump..

    I miss the interaction with the people, I do not miss the long hours..I do not miss the stress of weather related things high winds..snow loads.. wondering if I will miss the electricity going off during the night and all that beautiful stuff freezing. The actual plants I do miss..watching them grow..trying to grow the best lookin plants around..and believe me..they were pretty good looking! Spring is a hard time for me..but I have been really busy organizing the silent auction for the is tonight!!

  14. Far Guy found me..he must be getting bored..and created his own google account! LOL:)

  15. LOL is Far guy going to start a blog now too? I hate the thought of fires, especially with all the wind we've been having. We've already hooked our "fire wagon" up and it's only April. I love YOUR greenhouse, it looks so neat and tidy too;)

  16. I've never heard of such (toilet paper fires)
    That is just mean and nasty. I wish those people would get thrown in the tank (toilet tank would be fair) and the key thrown away.

    Glad you didn't lose anything.

  17. Thank goodness it didn't strike your house or greenhouses.
    And BTW, those are FANTASTIC greenhouses. I envy you!

    The Retirement Chronicles

  18. Fires scare the bejeezes out of me! More than any other "event"! These open fields of CRP ground are tinder waiting for the perfect storm...luckily, a neighbor makes a fire trail each Spring. We've had our share of fires and they are NOt fun!!
    Glad you made it through that one... should have told me about your greenhouses before you sold them! That is the one job I've always wanted!!


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