Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Birthday Girls

Last weekend when I asked our eldest daughter Trica if I could take a birthday photo of her, she said "NO, M-O-T-H-E-R." So fine.. I will use old ones then. She still has a uterus and ovaries and sometimes I just drive her nuts. She is 37 today.. Happy Birthday Sis!
Earlier this week, I told you all about how she shares a birthday with her Great Grandmother A (Meady), I forgot to mention that they also share the same wedding just worked out that way. Trica picked her own wedding date..I had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Great Grandma and Trica in 1981..not a great photo.. Trica was 9 and Great Grandma was 88.

Trica in 1982 ..when she was ten years old.There is a method to my madness, two of her daughters also have had birthdays recently. The "Irish Twins."

Paige was ten years old last week. I asked her if she ever counted her freckles..she doesn't. She is the gal that can fake cry at the drop of a hat. In this photo she is holding their family cat, Bailey. Bailey hates me, ever since I squirted her with cold water for jumping on the table.

Madison was eleven years old yesterday. While Trica was in labor with her, I asked her if she didn't want to hold off until her birthday.. the only problem was Madison was born very early in the it would have been a long 22 hour wait. That was another time when she said "NO, M-O-T-H-E-R."
Maddie is in love with horses, she needs one, (a need is way different than a want Grandma..Maddie's famous words). She is our hunter, explorer outside gal.

So now that you have met all the birthday girls..have some was really yummy:)


  1. What cute photos and happy birthday greetings to all from Georgia! That cake looks delicious! Enjoy the weekend - I hope it is good for you and Far Guy.

  2. Yum, the cake looks so yummy I wish I had a piece right now to go with my coffee. :)

    That photo of Paige, boy does she look just like Trica in the photo above when Trica was 1!!

    And thanks for referring me to Red Pine Mountain's blog... I just finished a lazy hour of reading her story. What a wonderful story! I'm a new blog follower of hers now. :)

  3. you have a lot of pretty girls in your family.

  4. Happy Birthday girls!!! They are all beautiful...can only imagine what they look like now. Oh I get that M-O-T-H-E-R bit ALL the time! I am a little riffed at my two right now but that will pass. They can be so bratty sometimes...but I love them both.:) Nice blog and thanks for sharing the birthdays! Really pretty the decor on top.

  5. Nice looking family. The cake looks good too.

  6. Happy Birthday, ladies. Makes me crave some chocolate. Tricia had some special ties with her grandmother, even if they were coincidental.

  7. Happy Birthday everyone!

    And save me a slice of that yummy cake, please!

  8. I think I would have said NO, M-O-T-H-E-R too if you had asked me to hold off 22 more hours to deliver :-) Happy Birthday everyone!

  9. Cute girls and now I'm going to go make a cake because I just realized that I "need" cake and a cup of coffee to get me through the rest of the afternoon.
    Mary P

  10. That is a gorgeous cake, but not to gorgeous to eat, I'll bet. Cute "girls" too. Had to laugh at your description of Trica not having ovaries and uterus.

  11. I think, if I counted correctly, you have more April birthdays than our family does! My mom's was last week and my son's yesterday and we have a couple of others but those are the two I keep track of. :) How neat that your daughter and your grandma share a birthday, and anniversary!

  12. All beautiful girls! Happy Birthday to all. I shared an anniversary date with my grandma. And it was her birthday too.

  13. Darling girls! And yummmmmy - I could really get into that cake. I share a birthday with the Duchesses grandson. We are both 3 years old!

    Emma Rose

    PS I have a surprise on my blog today. I copied you and made a Photo Blog, and I've added the Duchess to it so she can blog too!


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