Friday, September 19, 2008

Just Wondering

Well today I am just wondering what unique and very personal gift Far Guy will give me tomorrow? Today is my last day being 56, unless of course I croak by the end of the day...but we won't go there.

Far Guy has a way with gifts. In 1971, he went to a garage sale and bought me a puppy for $5.00. Now this may not seem like much to you, but back in 1971 $5.00 would actually buy a fair amount of groceries besides bread and milk. He bought me a puppy that was a Scottie mix, we named her "Snuffer" and she lived with us for 15 years. In 1975, two days after I gave him his dream of two little girls, He gave me a can opener. It was an electric can opener, top of the line, Avocado green. I still have it, someplace up in a box upstairs with a post-it-note on it that says "Jen, This should be yours as your Father gave it to me two days after I birthed you..enjoy!" Then there was the orange wheelbarrow, sometime in the 1980's, I still have that too. It makes my life easier. One of my most favorite gifts I HAD to sell..the mud flaps with Yosemite Sam on them that said "Back off," those mud flaps looked great on my old Ford Bronco II that served me tirelessly for 18 years. Through thick mud or a snowstorm, inches of ice..drifts ten feet high..oh wait..gosh I miss that vehicle.

I am sure there are those of you out there whose Husbands shower them with Flowers, Candy, and all sorts of things that you have promptly forgotten. My Guy.. Far Guy gives me gifts that are very memorable. What will tomorrow bring? Stay tuned as I wait with visions of puppies, can openers, wheelbarrows and mud flaps dancing through my head:)


  1. Uh-oh. Has he read this yet? He sure is standing up to some high expectations! Can't wait to hear what he surprises you with this year!
    Happy Birthday btw!

  2. Before we married, I told my husband of 10 years now to never ever give me anything that plugs in. I changed my mind about year two into marriage. This year, I'd really like to have a power washer.

  3. I kind of feel that as long as they remember our birthdays that is a good thing. The bonus comes if they remember to get a gift. For some reason some guys just don't know what to buy. I am not lowering my expectations, just being more realistic. I would much rather have my hubby, than diamonds, and fancy cars, any days. Sometimes he will bring me flowers for no reason.
    I love the idea of your guy giving you a advocato green can opener. LOL!

  4. And I love the orange wheelbarrow!!

  5. Happy Birthday for tomorrow and thanks for stopping by my blog - great to meet you!

  6. I get gifts like you! Practical works every time for me. Happy Birthday!

  7. Thanks gals, I am glad you all stopped by! Thanks also for the Birthday wishes!!


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