Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Wasp Nest Pattern and Furnace News

 To keep busy and warm  I wrote my wonky not at all professional pattern for the wasp nests. 

Yarn 4 ply...Grey, Green, Beige color about any color will do     Crochet Hook I as in Idiot

Make a magic can find out how to do that on the Internet better than I can show you.  You could also do some chains and connect it and stitch it up...magic loop is faster! 

Single Crochet (SC)  8 stitches into the magic loop

Pull the circle closed...pull it tight so no hole is seen...slip stitch last stitch to first stitch and chain one

* SC twice in the first stitch continue with a SC in each of the remaining stitches.  Slip stitch last to first stitch at the end of the round and chain one

Continue to repeat * adding two stitches at the beginning of each round until you have a funnel shape.  The side where you have added all the stitches may look a bit strange but it is all good.

When your funnel is a good shape do not bind off.  Instead anchor a stitch along the last row and chain 30 to begin a hanger, SC back across to the beginning and anchor well.   Pull your yarn through the last stitch and leave a long tail.

Fill the nest with plastic bags.  Use a yarn needle to stitch along the top of the nest.

Draw up the tail tight and stitch in place several times, tuck in the other end of the hanger and stitch it in place several times. 

The wasp nest on the right was done using this pattern...the others were created watching TV and adding stitches when ever I felt like it.

I will dip these nests in Mod Podge one day in the Spring when it is nice outside and hang them up to drip and dry.  That way they will shed water should they get wet.  

I have been tempted to make some smaller nests...and see if they work as well. 

Furnace News: Day Four 

Finally found a furnace that will fit our space...we may have to remodel the laundry/furnace room a bit next summer....we will see.  He may be here today to start the installation...he was looking for a hard to find kit...that converts a Natural Gas Furnace to Liquid any rate things are moving in the right direction.  Good thing too as our weather is not getting any warmer.  We are okay.  I like it cooler to sleep at night anyway...but during the day I like to be warm...our tile floors seem to get colder everyday. 

Far Side


  1. Thanks for the instructions on how to make the wasp nest; I was going to ask you. Great news on finally getting the furnace. Hoping they get it installed right away.

  2. I'm glad the furnace install is moving in the right direction. It sounds like you have a couple obstacles that were the problem (space and conversion kit) with just a normal install. Maybe that's why the last installer didn't want to tackle the job again? Anyway, I'm glad you're still managing ok and that you will have centralized heat soon. ~Andrea xoxo

  3. That is rough news on the furnace progression. I did hear in the rumorville around my area that furnaces and furnace repairs are lagging right now. I see a lot of pleas on the FB page for the locals for anyone that can help them!
    This afternoon will be warm, we are getting above zero for a while.

  4. Hi! I've been following your blog on a daily basis and like it very much.
    As to crochet wasp nests, I'd like to make some for my daughter's where wasps and hornets are a problem and one of her sons is allergic to their bite.
    I'm totally lost in crochet hook sizes and stitches so I thought I could easily make one if you tell me the length of a finished nest. Thank you in advance!

  5. You are awesome for sharing your nest pattern!! Got a chuckle from the I hook reference. Even with an Idiot hook, sounds complicated to a novice. Good idea dipping in Mod Podge, I wondered how they would hold up to elements. I've seen smaller nest that look a little bigger than a closed fist. We keep our bedroom cooler too. With the frigid temps we've been using our wood fireplace a lot lately, especially in the morning. Love the dry heat. I didn't know you could convert natural gas to propane. Hope your new furnace gets fired up soon! It is going to feel sooooo good!!

  6. Those wasp nests do look authentic, at least to the wasp community. Gosh, that's a lot of trouble to get your furnace in, but well worth it if you can finally get warm again.

  7. I'm glad the furnace project is moving forward. Thanks for the wasp nest pattern. I'll try it out this summer with 1 of 3 results:
    1. It works for Colorado wasps and I never see them again:)
    2. It doesn't work for them:(
    3. They decide that it's a better nest than they can build and move in to stay warm:(

  8. I'm glad there's a plan for your furnace, sounds like you have a great furnace guy to work so hard to find the one that will fit your situation. I hope you get heat soon!

  9. Those nests are just so cool, we sure could use those in here Florida. I can imagine the cold is sinking deeper and deeper into your home. I'm glad he will finally be getting started on it!

  10. Those nests are such a simple yet clever idea. I'm glad a new furnace is at least on the horizon now.

  11. You are brilliant to make those nests. Anything that takes care of wasps without the use of chemicals is great!

    I'm so glad to hear the new furnace installation is at least getting started! I hope it goes quickly!

  12. Finally a move forward on the furnace! YAY! Thank you for the pattern!

  13. Good news about the possible furnace! Let's hope it doesn't take long to find the conversion kit. There is hope.

  14. I'm definitely going to make a few of the wasp nests for our house in Omaha. I remember them being a real problem when we used to live there. Hopefully it will keep them far, far away.
    I'm sorry you're STILL waiting for a furnace. We, too, like it cool to sleep but during the day at least a little warmth is preferred. lol. I remember when Mandy lived in Maryland they had to get that propane conversion kit for her kitchen stove. It was a pain but once it was in the stove worked great! Would you believe we're still at 53% on our first propane tank! I expect that to go down a LOT this week and we're not nearly as cold at you. Only 6F for lows. That's cold enough for an RV though. :-)
    Stay warm my friend.
    Take care my friend.

  15. I’m catching up on the last few days of blog posts and I was thinking you would have a furnace now, but nope! At least things are moving along in the right direction and warmth is in sight! I bet you are dreading your electric bill this month with all those space heaters going and the low temps you’ve been having. Hang in there!

  16. It's good to have projects to keep you occupied when it is cold.
    Glad to hear of the progress on the furnace.

  17. I've got my fingers crossed that the furnace installation happens soon. I can't imagine being with only heaters and a fireplace during those cold snap. I guess our ancestors did but they were definitely more hardy than I.

    Take care, stay well.

  18. How clever of you to do these nests and at last a furnace so not as cold

  19. I can see how the converter was hard to find. I am glad it is getting to be closer to the installation.

  20. You could probably sell these to people who can't crochet!
    So glad the work is starting on your furnace. I'm surprised your floors aren't frozen. The portable heaters must really work well.

  21. Thanks for the directions (now to remember that when I'm ready to try one)! So hope your furnace comes sooner rather than later but thank goodness for the fireplace and heaters and.... I know I am thanking God for my wood stove this week!

  22. I'm so glad your furnace is on the way. I hope the installation work gets started very soon. this is such a long cold snap isn't it? I can remember other ones thru the years, but I don't know if I remember them ever lasting this long. I'm hoping we climb out of it by next Tuesday! It might be a day or two earlier for you, being West of us. It's so cool that those wasp nests you sew, actually work. How nice of you to share the pattern and instructions for it. Stay is on the way or so I hear!

  23. Nice of you to share your wasp nest pattern.

    Glad there's progress in the right direction with the furnace. Hope it won't be long before you have proper heat again.

  24. I'm sure that pattern is just fine...for those who speak that language. It's all Greek to me ;)

  25. I have a pattern I got probably on Ravelry last year and I made one but never hung it up....duh! Good job on making so many! I hope the furnace gets there soon!


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