Saturday, December 2, 2017

Hair Hair

While searching for something that was hidden stored in a very logical space, Far Guy found my hair.  It looks a little funny as it has been stored in a peanut butter jar for a number of years.   He held it up to my head and said “It sure is a different color now?”  Ya think?

So we got a few drawers and assorted interesting places straightened up while we were on the wild goose chase that finally ended in success…and I am reminded that we have too much “stuff.”


So I listed my hair on ebay. 

One time in a small antique shop on the North side of Fishhook Lake… a little old man kept following me around …finally he asked if he could buy my hair…I grabbed all my hair into a pony tail and held it in front of me…I was afraid he had a scissors.  The old guy made dolls and used human hair….but mine was not for sale that day…I wonder where he is now?

Progress is slow on the before Christmas clean and dust upstairs.  We are easily distracted.

Remember to tell me your favorite Christmas movie to be entered in the 2017 Woodcarved Ornament Giveaway.  I will close the give away at 8PM my time Sunday night.

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  1. Listing hair on eBay... now that's a new one that I've never heard before. *lol* The wonders of the internet. :-)

    My favorite Christmas "movie" really isn't a movie at all... it's the Christmas episode of the old "Honeymooners" tv show. I don't think it gets any better than that. Look it up on YouTube. It's wonderful.

    Blessings~ Andrea

  2. "Bad Santa" I have a perverse sense of humor

  3. I am having trouble commenting lately, but here goes: thank you for being such a good friend, and maybe some day we'll have a chance to meet in person. Until then, I'll have to be content with seeing bits and pieces of you. Like your hair! Can you really sell it on ebay? :-)

  4. Selling hair on ebay.... who knew! I wonder if there is a market for horse hair! I have several chunks I have saved from various horses over the years.

    1. etsy shops have sold horse tail hair...I bought some to use as whiskers for my mice and cats!!

  5. Fun and funny - - the things we find when we clean! Especially the old pictures.
    I would comment with "It's a Wonderful Life" but you can leave my name out of the drawing since I do own one of your beautiful ornaments. I may have bought it one year. It's like a little hobbit house. Give someone else a chance. They are a treasure to own though for sure.

  6. Never would have thought of selling hair on ebay! LOL!
    Amazing the things you find when you are cleaning. ;)

  7. I'm with Jan---Bad Santa. Your's is the first blog I read every day. I used to read the newspaper first thing every morning (mostly for the comics) but the paper has become so political any more I gave up on it and now read a lot of blogs instead. I am not trying to curry favor to win an ornament, but yours if my favorite by a long shot. I hope you keep going on with it forever.

  8. We will be watching the "Polar Express" probably at least twice during the season. My wife likes "Miracle on 34th Street" also. We have two versions of "Scrooge" that will both be watched. I do think "Polar Express" is my favorite because the train is also one of the stars of the show.

  9. It will be interesting to see if you are able to sell you hair...Please let us know.

  10. That is the creepiest story! A Strange man asking for your hair? Being a doll maker makes sense and takes a little of the creepiness out of it. But still.... without that explanation.. It would be like a stranger asking if you want to take a bath. Right now? Right here? um, no.

  11. I have some hair in a box somewhere, from when I was ten and had my braids cut off. I never thought of selling it.

  12. I never thought of selling hair on Ebay. WHen my grandma died we found a bag of her hair in the lfirst men closet, presumably saved to pad her bun as her hair thinned. It was a little creepy. Sheesh, we probably could have made a fortune with that whole bag full!

  13. Well I never....selling hair? All these years I threw mine in the waste. I always cut my own when it gets too long and gives me a headache as I wear it in a bun. I'll have to rethink this now!

  14. I was lucky enough to visit the Royal Opera House on a private visit. We were shown all sort of things not on the usual tour. Someone opened up a huge drawer and said " I know you'll love this" it was FULL of hair and wigs and stuff. Ugh! Gave me the creeps. (Sorry)

  15. Looks like you had beautiful hair.


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