Sunday, December 3, 2017

Blue sky

It was a beautiful day yesterday here in Minnesota.  Blue skies and 40 something F or 4 something C  eh!

Blue sky

Blue skies and a little sunshine make everything better.

I worked on a project that I put away in a drawer about 10 years ago…maybe longer than that.  I didn’t have all the parts…and I have been collecting them here and there and then I needed a special converter…I almost gave up but low and behold most everything can be found on the net…the free download was awesome and it helped me finish that project which reminded me of the “rest of the project”…it had two parts…with a bit of searching that part was found also…both will be gifts…from the heart.  I will share them after Christmas.  It was a “somday project” that I did not remember I had…out of sight out of mind.

My other baby brother stopped by and helped me wrangle the christmas trees from their hiding spots.  I am still working upstairs…dusting, vacuuming and moving furniture (Fall housecleaning). I should probably just go up there and not come down until it is finished and the tree is up and ready to decorate!

I am also working on my 2018 Photo is worth it to have my own photos as part of the calendar…plus I edit and send a few of my photos to the recycle bin.

sun on it's way down

The sun on its way down…that happens really fast nowadays.

This is the last day to leave me a comment for the 2017 Woodcarved Ornament Give Away, I will draw names at 8PM my time.  Leave a comment that includes your favorite Christmas Movie to be entered.

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Rita said...

The Santa Clause is my favorite movie. Rita

DJan said...

I would leave a comment but I got the very first one already! And I love it to pieces, dear person. :-)

L. D. said...

We watched the "Polar Express" for our first time last night. TV is getting to be worthless when it comes to finding something to watch. I didn't make much of a move with Christmas decoration. The darn grandkids always bring us a Chicago virus to catch, every single time we see them.

Tired Teacher said...

Have you seen the gorgeous moon the last two nights? Such a beautiful sight makes the long nights tolerable.

Finishing a special project even after 10+ years is gratifying. I can't wait to see it.

Sam I Am...... said...

Wow! Just in time for the drawing! I have been 'gone' making gifts and pledging 'never again' but my favorite Christmas movie has to be It's a Wonderful Life. I watched that movie every Christmas Eve wrapping presents late at night! Some things never change except now I have to get them in the mail by the 12th! LOL!
Good luck with your cleaning....that's what I need to be doing!

Terry and Linda said...


Rita said...

Congrats on finishing an old project! I have a couple of those myself...somewhere. ;)

Beautiful sunset. I only have a tabletop tree to decorate and haven't gotten it up yet--LOL! I wanted to finish Christmas cards first...and I move slowly. ;)

Linda Reeder said...

The sun is peeking out here too, finally! we have a week of clear weather ahead. What a spirit lifter!
Our tree is out of the box and up. Now I'll begin putting on the many ornaments, and Tom can get the lights up outside! I thought of you when I put the old Shiny Brites on the garland in the dining room this week.

Georgina said...

I have a real silver tinsel circle with a red foil flower in the centre. I remember it from when I was 4 but don't know how long it had already been in the family before that. It is so simple and reminds me of my parents (both long gone) so has pride of place on my tree.
I had friends round yesterday to help build the tree. We had a lot of fun getting it just right. My neighbours (who are Jewish and of course don't have trees) tell me they love to see my front window with the tree all lit up. I have a new tree this year with built in lights so no more struggling with miles of flex. Such luxury!

Small City Scenes said...

I would love to see some blue sky. The last several it has been gray gray and rain. It will be back

Granny Marigold said...

Blue sky and a little sunshine definitely makes the world seem brighter. The forecast for us is no rain for the week and maybe longer. Vancouver is set to have the driest December week in 10 years and since we're only 45 minutes or so away I'd say that applies to us as well.'

Henny Penny said...

You are right about blue skies and sunshine. I can deal with most everyday problems...if the sun is shining. I can't imagine what your ten year old project could be??

The Furry Gnome said...

Beautiful day here too.