Thursday, December 28, 2017


I suppose you have all heard about the cold wave. This was Wednesday morning.   

How cold is it

With the proper clothing it is possible to venture outside.  We are getting relief for one day and then back into the deep freeze.  It may get a few degrees above zero today!!  It is cause to celebrate.

Just another day in Minnefreezeyourbuttoffsota.

It was so cold our remote thermometer broke and we had to venture to town to buy a new one.  The new one is guaranteed to –40 F.  We will see.

Huge flocks of the little Redpolls are here and they are hungry! 

So is someone else in the neighborhood.


This Hawk scared all the Redpolls off and sat up in the tree for a long time.  He/she finally took off.  I have no idea what kind of Hawk this is other than a hungry one.


We have a couple of tree rats squirrels that make their way to our yard every day.  Far Guy had a weasel in his garage one night…so the mouse population should be dropping in numbers.


We have six inches of snow at the snowstick.  I am thankful that we got a good snow cover before it got so cold.

There was a big power outage in the Park Rapids area…for about eight hours many people were without electricity.  (We have a gas fireplace and will keep warm if we lose power.) I also heard that Park Rapids made the National News because it was the coldest spot in the Lower 48 the other day.

We have many projects to keep us busy…and we can always grab a long winters nap.

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  1. What do other people do who don't have a gas fireplace and lose power in such cold conditions? BRRR is right!

    1. They get real cold. Most people have a second heat source as a back up...or generators. I heard that some of those people without any heat went to neighbors to keep warm.

  2. We heat with wood and always have , so, snug here no matter what.

  3. Brrr! It's been cold here, too, but nothing like that.

    My house is all electric, so I bought a propane heater last year AFTER an extended power outage.

  4. I can't even imagine a temperature that low. We're in the 40's and 50's here, although they're saying even we have a chance of snow next week.

  5. That kind of cold is why Ted and I moved out of Alberta- along with the wind they get there. It's a lot milder here in Creston. That deep freeze is hitting over on the prairies now too. I think it's going to be a tough winter.
    We are -8C ( 17.6 F) and snowing right now. We have wood heat with electric back up. Hope you all stay warm and cosy!

  6. Yup. Darn nippy. There was a hawk attack on my patio a few days ago. At least I think so--happened so fast. Birds all stayed away the rest of the day, so pretty good bet that is what it was that swooped past and caused a couple birds to hit the window. I've never seen the grouse move that fast--LOL! I know--hawks have to eat, too...but I think it missed. ;)

    Stay warm! Happy New Year!!

  7. I thought it was cold here at -5 last nite. Only got up to 3 today. But we got nothing on you guys.... Hugs, lj

  8. Keep safe and warm. I too am glad that we have a gas fireplace and wood stove (well they are our only heat) so we are okay in a power outage. Around the freezing mark here with some freezing rain. Thankfully it is just barely freezing, as I am eyeing a tree hanging over onto our power line. Not long ago three large branches crashed down off an evergreen not far from the house. Another degree colder and we might be in big trouble. I'm not particularly interested in experiencing cold like you have it, brrrr. Just me and four dogs right now, the rest have gone out to watch the Star Wars movie. Not really my thing. Dogs are all snoozing, and it is very peaceful :-)

  9. OI can't send you any warm weather. We're just as cold as you. I'm glad somebody has red polls. they're very scarce here.

  10. I can never compete with your cold temperatures but it does get to be a line where too cold is just too cold. We went to a movie today, three miles away, but I don't think we will venture out tomorrow. Stay safe and stay warm.

  11. Lucky us it was only min 16 here in the banana belt of southeaster MN. And just a friendly note perhaps advertising the coldness in the Park Rapids area is why whenever we noted to people on our winter outing to Florida we were from Minnesnowda you get the most aghast expressions. And questions like how can your survive there? and do you really heat you igloos? I don't they melt"... Let's promote North Dakota. My son went to NDSU and swore on the open prairie, winter was far colder than Minnesota...:)

  12. As Karen has commented, we're having nasty freezing rain on top of the snow we got a week ago. It makes being outside unpleasant but luckily we don't have to go anywhere if we don't want to. We do keep hearing about your awful cold though, on TV. No doubt new records will be set.

  13. Those are dangerously cold temps! I can't imagine. The coldest I have experienced is 10 degrees, and that was breathtaking.

  14. Yes, you were definitely in in the news and I got cold just listening to those temps! It is way below average for here also....yes, it came from you guys up North! LOL! Stay warm....squirrels get hungry too...unfortunately they also have bigger appetites!


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