Sunday, December 24, 2017

One Tree

I am still working on the upstairs Shiny Brite WILL be accomplished today.  Jen and her family are coming and they will want my mess cleaned up!

Here is the downstairs tree.

Tree in the corner downstairs

Chance really doesn’t like that the furniture has been moved.  He is still confused by the new configuration.  We put the tree in the corner …it is out of the main path of wagging tails.

New ornament fron Jolynn

A woodburned snowflake ornament from Jolynn.


The little deer ornament is the only ornament that I purchased for our tree this year.

Tree in the corner

It lights up the corner at night.  I think we are due for new lights.  Far Guy says maybe red…that may work…or clear…or multi color…time will tell.  Years ago we had multi colored lights before the blue.

Happy Christmas Eve!

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  1. It is a beautiful tree. I love JoLynn's ornament - I remember her blog from years ago! Sweet deer ornament too. You guys have a Merry Christmas. xo

  2. What a gorgeous tree!!! I am curious as to the big collage? behind it? It looks very interesting! I would go for mulit-color next year....they are always my favorite. The blue is really pretty though! What a fun time you will have! Merry Christmas Eve to you and all your family! So exciting! I got a card from my daughter's family yesterday with a grumpy looking Santa on the front and when you look inside it says "He saw everything!" .......I guess there won't be much under the tree for me this year! LOL!

  3. Very Pretty Tree! Merry Christmas to you & family!

  4. Merry Christmas! Your tree is beautiful and I, too, am curious about the wall collage. Is the focus on a theme or Gene Autry?

  5. I usually go for white lights but have tried purple and pink in years gone by. I'd have one colour on all the time and the other set on twinkle. It worked well.

  6. I'm a multi-colored fan, as you may have guessed. I hope everything got finished up. Enjoy your family time and Merry Christmas!! :)

  7. I love it in the evening with the lights dimmed and the tree all lit up. Yours looks lovely. We bought a pre lit tree many years ago, and gradually less and less of the lights are working, and we haven't been able to solve it so have added more strings. Larry is talking about taking all the lights off it for next year, and adding our own strings. We will see! Merry Christmas Eve!

  8. Our trees are full of memories. Wishing you many more happy ones.

  9. Each tree brings back good memories for you.

  10. Hope your Shiny Brite tree is fait accompli and you and your family enjoy a bright Christmas visit!

  11. It is a beautiful tree. I like all of the items that have so much meaning for you and the family. I know your ornaments on there too which makes it really special. We have things that others have made and I wonder why we have never made anything for our tree. Do yourself a favor and leave it up for a while.


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