Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wistful Wednesday : Christmas 1996

Back in 1996 we were new grandparents.  Savannah was just 5 months old that Christmas.  We lived in Harwood North Dakota…Savannah lived with her parents up in Buxton North Dakota. 
We decided that she should have a little red wagon for Christmas.
Christmas 1996 me and Mate
Here I am showing G’Day Mate that the wagon is not big and scary.   Usually I could talk those Shelties into just about anything. ( Yes I have my jammies on…a big nightshirt and a pair of sweatpants….real stylish.)
Christmas 1996 Moses, G’Day Mate and Captain
This photo hangs in our home. G’Day Mate or “Mate” and Captain were litter mates….Captain was the runt and I struggled to keep him alive…I slept next to the whelping crate and had him nurse every two hours.  His litter mates were fat and sassy and he was just a little guy.  Moses is their father….at the time this photo was taken their Mother Miss Misty had died from pancreatitis earlier that year. We missed her that Christmas….truth be told I still miss her…I miss all of them.  They were wonderful companions…they followed me everywhere…Moses was my protector.
Savannah and her wagon
Eventually Savannah showed up and rode around the house in her wagon. Her Auntie Jen pulled her around and around from the living room through the hall into the dining room/kitchen and back into the living room…with dogs following her.
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  1. Adorable pictures. Savannah is propped up by Christmas presents, it seems. Love the dogs and know how they can remain in our hearts forever. :-)

  2. I agree with DJan - adorable pictures! Those dogs do remain in our memories.

  3. I bet Savannah loved and played with that red wagon for many years.

  4. You had the same pj's as me! LOL! Your dogs were beautiful! The Chevy dealership that I go to has a sheltie there that is like the customer service rep! She's so sweet and greets everyone when they come in the door. Reminds me of the collies we used to raise except smaller.
    What a cute picture with them all in the wagon....but then Savannah is darn cute too!

  5. So this was a good time all around. Good memories.

  6. Such precious memories. This was the year Richard and I got married. After a 17 year engagement period. Ah was a good year!!

  7. Oh, what great memories. It was fun to read about the occupants of that little red wagon.

  8. Great pictures of those three in the wagon... and also Savannah in the same wagon. It must bring back loads of memories.


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