Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sauna Delivery

My baby brother ordered a Sauna and it was delivered last Friday.

It was made in Royalton Minnesota and it is a all Cedar hand made product.

Sauna Delivery 1

It came on a larger trailer and was unloaded onto this small trailer to make its way down the hill into its final spot.

Sauna delivery 3

It was a very interesting process.


Up the ramp and onto the deck

seth delivers 3

Around the corner into the spot that was designed for a sauna.

sauna 14

The trailer had a break apart axel and with a jack and blocks it was lowered into place.

sau8na inside

Here is a peek inside. That is a Swedish Stove there in the middle.  Four people fit nicely…six if you have skinny friends/relatives.

Happy customers

My brother pretending to pour water over his wifes head.

Mon and dad at the sauna

Our parents came to see the new sauna.

Ys sauna

Carey got his sauna

My baby brother was quite happy with the sauna delivery….he will be even happier when his house is finished.  I have been the official photographer for 13 months now.  The house is still about 2 or 3 months from completion.

I heard the sauna worked as advertised.

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  1. Hope he invites all of us to the grand opening.

  2. *haha* I was thinking... oh, what a wonderful little craft room that would make. :-D *haha* I hope your brother enjoys. How interesting. xxx

  3. I bet it smells nice in there, too. I use the sauna at the Y almost every day, but only for a few minutes after a shower. It's always got somebody else in it. Your brother's sauna will probably get lots of use. :-)

  4. Very interesting & I bet it will be very enjoyable.

  5. I ❤️ the sauna and your photos!

  6. I'm sure this will be used and enjoyed by many. It looks like they had fun installing it.

  7. That sauna is the coolest , prettiest piece of furniture I have ever seen.

  8. Looks perfect considering the weather you get.

  9. That's a gorgeous sauna!! They must be anxious to be finished with the house. Sounds like by spring they can relax and enjoy. :)

  10. I hope you and FarGuy and Chance...esp Chance are feeling much better now.

  11. I hope your brother and his wife enjoy their lovely sauna!!

  12. What an interesting shape. I guess it will be barrels of fun for those who enjoy saunas.

  13. That is a very cool or I should say 'hot' looking sauna! I have been in a sauna very few times. I think the heat and steam make me feel sort of claustrophobic.

  14. Whoa, that's a pretty one! I don't think I could do it, but the idea sounds enticing. I am too claustrophobic. :(

  15. Ooooo that looks like great fun and how super beautiful!

  16. That would be easy to market because of its ability to be placed anywhere. The natural wood that is made of seems to make it more desirable. The was fun to see being delivered and installed.

  17. How wonderful! I've never used one but I hear they're great. What a beautiful home they will have when finished. I for one do not want a big home....too much to clean as you get older. This one I have is too big for me.


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