Thursday, August 31, 2017

Gustatory Cells

We have different gustatory cells Far Guy and I.  They are the receptor cells found in the papillia on your tongue and all around in your mouth….better known as taste buds.

Mushy is not a taste…yet that is how he described the culinary delight I prepared for supper.  He skipped lunch and might have been just to hangry to savor the flavors.

Chance thought it was a wonderful meal and he begged for more and more.

The recipe is from Farmgirl Sam.  I am not certain what she called it but I will call it…

Squash Delight

Take one acorn squash and cut it in half from top to bottom, remove the seeds, cut a flat spot on the uncut side of the squash so it rests in the bottom of a roasting pan. ( I only got the knife stuck once in the squash before Far Guy took over the cutting.)

Put about an inch or two of water in the roasting pan…mine is the navy blue speckled kind.

Fill the cavities of the squash with pork sausage adding whatever seasonings you like to the pork sausage. ( I think my mix has some sage, cayanne pepper and a few other misc spices in it.. who really remembers when they are making a mixture.)

Drizzle with Maple Syrup

Bake covered at 350 degrees for about 90 minutes until the sausage is completely cooked and the squash is soft.

The pork sausage melds with the squash with a hint of the maple syrup..perfect meal as far as I am concerned. 

Yummy not mushy.  I served it with baked carrots on the side…Chance likes them too, Far Guy not so much. (perhaps it was veggie overload for him)

I think I may have more sophisticated gustatory cells. I can tell when someone attempts to pass off potatoes from a box as real mashed potatoes…and Far Guy will just enjoy them.

He shared that eating baked squash was about as pleasant for him as eating cottage cheese would be for me. So I won’t prepare my Squash Delight for him anymore.  This will be a new go to meal for me when Far Guy has his gumbo.

Nope no photos of the food.


Just a deer coming out of the woods.  This one had one fawn that still had its spots. The bean field is turning yellow…the deer like beans…and yes that is smoke in the air most likely from the fires out West.

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linda m said...

My hubby and I have different "gustatory cells" also. I can easily remember when I woofed down a meal with gusto and he just picked at his. It seems to be getting worse as we grow older. My stack of recipes he doesn't like is growing. Oh well, maybe he'll take me out to eat more often this way. haha

DJan said...

Sounds really good to me, other than the sausage. I sometimes bake stuffed squash and think it's wonderful, too! We have smoke, also, from some fires around the area.

Sam I Am...... said...

So glad it was at least 50% enjoyed! LOL! I must admit my 'gustatory cells' seem to require a little more salt to bring out the flavors anymore.

Kansas Kay said...

The squash delight sounds good!

Terry and Linda said...

What pretty little deer. Here the deer leave the pinto beans alone but feast on the CORN!

Rita said...

Sounds delicious to me!
Fires again. :(

Red said...

I'm definitely going to try this. I need something different to eat.

Linda Reeder said...

We love acorn squash. It is a frequent side dish for us in the winter. Tom likes his half with butter and brown sugar. For me it is butter, salt and pepper.

Anonymous said...

Sounds delish to me and I have a navy blue speckled pan too! I will have to try using sausage in the squash. I had squash stuffed with a seasoned rice mixture and loved it so it became a go-to food in cooler weather. Thanks for the meal idea!

Meggie said...

Yummy and kind of meal.

Lady Fi said...

A lovely shot of the deer!

Anonymous said...

I could live on veggies; John only wants meat. This recipe sounds good to me.
John's been on a strict diet to reduce his blood sugar and I have lost 14 lbs! lol lol