Friday, September 1, 2017

Getting along

Have you noticed that some birds are more agressive than others.  Those little Chickadees don’t like the Goldfinches and will chase them.

Last night toward almost dark Chance and I noticed a comotion over at the bird bath.

Chickadee and Assup  giveing the GF heck

A bird confrontation. They we all talking at once….perhaps it went something like this: I was here first, no I was, you came late, you should leave, NO, Yes…


and the Goldfinch gave into the peer pressure and gave up his spot to the chickadee

What is that ask?  well you were wondering about it weren’t you?

Ant guards the bird bath

It is the ant that guards the bird bath and makes me smile. I hope it made you smile too.

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  1. Yes, some birds are very bossy. The Grackles I get here are loud with intimidation, but actually very cowardly if challenged--LOL! They have already left for the winter, apparently. Haven't seen them for about maybe two weeks now. But the grouse are back, so I am tickled to see them. Love your ant!! :)

  2. Your ant definitely made me smile, too. I thought you had put a hook over the birdbath to give them a perch while waiting in line and thinking, "how thoughtful".
    The nuthatches and bluejays are the bosses at my feeders.

  3. I love your "ant". It is sooo cute. I have the bird fights at my feeder. The sparrows and wrens are the bullies in my yard. Have a great weekend.

  4. Yes, I know how aggressive those tiny chickadees can get. What a cute ant! How can anybody not smile at that? :-)

  5. It's fun to watch the birds sometimes jockey for position at a feeder. I like your guardian ant!

  6. You clever girl! The ant is cute. I saw the pole, but didn't have an opinion about it. Very fun! Thank for sharing a smile.

  7. ...and the humming bird chases the sapsucker away from it.s sap running holes.

  8. You have an ant that guards the bird bath? How come I've never heard of that before. Maybe if I had one it would keep the wasps and bees away! Although I did see a Hummingbird chase a wasp away from the water today.

  9. I see that the nuthatch was not intimidated by the bossy chickadee.
    The frog is funny and fun.

  10. Love the ant! You have big ones up there! LOL!

  11. He seems to be a very happy ant. I am sure that he scares away someone, just like the plastic owl that sits in the neighbors tomato patch. When I set up my seed feeder again, I am anxious to see what we will have in the fall. Our neighborhood is surrounded by trees that were not cleared to make the development.


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