Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wistful Wednesday: High School Football

Fall is in the air.  When we were in High School it was always Friday Night Football.

Football Team 1967 maybe

This was about 1966 or 1967.  You cannot tell from the photos but the school colors were Orange and Black.

I wonder if I could still sing the school song?   We had pep fest on Fridays when there was a Home Game, I think it was at 2:45 ( Gravy says 2:50) in the afternoon.   The cheerleaders would lead cheers, the Principal and the Coach would talk and introduce the players and we would sing the school song. School was out at 3:12.  ( Far Guy says he never went to a pep fest except for Homecoming… and he thinks it was all of sixth period and he snuck out early and went home.)

The only cheer I recall. ( It is a great ear worm that may stick with you all day!)

We are the Panthers

mighty mighty panthers

everywhere we go o

people want to know o

who we are r

so we tell them

we are the panthers mighty mighty panthers

  P. A. N. T. H. E. R. S. GO FIGHT WIN!

Oh yes that school song was called

The Cassion Song

Zis Boom Bah – Ki Yi Yah
Rah Rah Rah for PR High
as Park Rapids goes zipping along.
Pile the score on the stack
For the Orange and the Black
As Park Rapids goes zipping along.
For it’s Ki Yi Ye on to victory
shout out you boosters loud and strong.
For where e’er you go you will always know
That Park Rapids goes zipping along
That Park Rapids goes zipping along!

I don’t recall the words exactly like it is on the school website…but is is real similar. ( For the record Far Guy knew it was called The Cassion Song but could not recall the words….he must have missed all the pep fests.)

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  1. I remember fondly getting out of classes a few minutes early too, but we called them pep rallies. And our football team never won a game in the whole time I was there! Basketball was more fun (and warmer watching) as we occasionally won one.

  2. I cannot remember even one smidgen of a school pep song, so color me very impressed! :-)

  3. Instead of panthers substitute tigers and we sang that same song. I tried to remember the words to the school song and have now lost half of them but I know the tune. I used to go to the pep fests, too, before home games (the only days we girls were allowed to wear slacks--but then you'd better show up for the game because they looked for you--was the only reason I went to games--LOL!--to be able to wear slacks those few days a year.)

    I still have my school homecoming pins and the pep club beanie! (In pep club because we got out a little early, too--and the company of my girlfriends.) Sad, I know. Our school colors were black and gold.

  4. We had High School pep rallies too, and our colors we also orange and black. We were the Molalla Indians, an actual tribe, but wiped out by white men's diseases. Sis boom bah.

  5. High school football games were always so much fun. I attended Stevens High School in Rapid City, SD. Our team was the Raiders and our colors were blue and silver. And we'd shout "Hi ho silver" as one of our cheers.

  6. Our school colors were orange and black too! Those were the days! We had a very small school so I had lots of opportunities to shine...I was Captain of the Cheerleaders and homecoming queen but I actually know more about football now then I did back then...ha! ha! We were the Hilltoppers because our school was on a!

  7. Great scoreboard. Love these old pictures.


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