Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wistful Wednesday: School Days 1959-1960

We are slowly collecting class photos from Far Guy’s school days.

Class of 1968 in 4th grade Mrs Tidrick 1959-1960

This is Mrs Tidrick’s 4th Grade class 1959-1960.  Far Guy is in the back row second from the right. Seems there were a couple of “Cub Scouts” in his class. (Far Guy was a Cub Scout too, different Dens met different days of the week. Far Guy’s Mom was Den #7 leader…probably “A Wolf Pack”)

Far Guy said “I am wearing the same shirt as last years class photo?”  I answered “Your Mom probably liked that shirt and bought it in a couple of sizes!”

He remembers very little about this year or the teacher. He does recall that this class was in the old school.

What he does remember is that every kid had to stand in front of the class and tell what their Dad did for a living.  When it was his turn he said “My Dad is in the Outdoor Show Business.”  The teacher asked “Movie Business?”  No…Outdoor Show Business… she kept asking questions finally he just blurted out CARNIVAL Business…and that shut her up.  He said all the kids knew anyways…just not the teacher. 

Park Rapids Schools were big enough back then to have at least three sections of each grade.  Trying to find all the sections of his graduating class throughout the years has been an adventure that continues.

School started yesterday as usual for Minnesota schools, the day after Labor Day is always the first day of school.

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  1. Had to laugh at Far Guy's description of what his dad did. I guess he was tall back then, too. :-)

  2. Rounding up photos of all the sections would be a challenge. I hope you are successful tracking them down.

  3. I only remember certain teachers in grade school. If I didn't remember them that was good, I think. I only remember the really good ones or the really bad ones--well, throughout all my school years. Mediocre doesn't seem to have cut it in the memory bank. LOL! ;)

  4. Awesome picture to find! What a great idea, thanks for the share!

  5. Hey, I was a teacher at that time. I like the photos that take me back to those days.

  6. Wow! The details in that photo just POP! Was it the scanner you used, Connie? Or was the original photo just that clear?

  7. What a great picture! I love those class photos.

  8. I am fortunate to have all of my school photos, because I actually saved them myself. I recently re-made my school days album. 30 kids is a big class. The kids and their clothes and hairstyles look a lot like my photos.

  9. What a neat picture. I don't think I have any of me in grade school. I'll have to look now. Love your carnival stories.

  10. I love the blog post, and you helped me make such a fun card with it!



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