Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wistful Wednesday: 516 West 1st Street

That address was Far Guy parent’s address from the late 1940’s when the house was brand new until they sold it in 1994. 

You can go home again, but it is different.  A few weeks ago I took outside photos.

old house two

It is called “The Cottage” and it is a place for people with disabilities to meet with their counselors.  The property was always zoned commercial since it is right along the highway.

Yesterday we stopped by to see if we could take some photos to share with Far Guy’s sister and of course the blog too.

From the deck

The gal was very friendly and invited us right in. This is taken from the back deck, no one ever used the front door.  It seemed strange that you could walk right in…the porch used to be there…with a box for boots, a pencil sharpener and a closet where the broom and the dustpan was kept along with the garbage can and the ever present bag on a hanger that held the clothes pins. You used to enter the kitchen from that old porch.

old closet

The old closet.


The kitchen.  The cabinets that are solid oak have been painted white.  The sink is still the same old one.  They added a dishwasher.  The stove is in the same spot as is the refrigerator.  The old porch door used to open into the kitchen and there was room for a table and chairs….the space seemed so small now.

We wondered if the old phone cubby was still there.

Phone cubby

Phone cubby.  You had to stand here and talk on the phone…it was a black phone and had a short cord.  Underneath the phone was a stand that held…the phone book and a set of encyclopedias.  Now it is a cubby for artwork. All the trim that is now painted back in the day was natural wood trim that was varnished.


Far Guy’s parents old bedroom, just room enough for a full size bed, a cedar chest, a tall chest of drawers and a dressing table with a large mirror and a padded bench.  On that dressing table was a box that opened up and it contained jewelry that Trica and Jennifer were facinated with.

Toilet in place of the bathtub

The bathroom.  The toilet is where the bath tub used to be.  The doorway was made wider  to be handicap accesible.

Sink bathroom

Living Room

The Living Room.  That love seat has the “Christmas Tree Spot”  and I noticed that Far Guy’s Moms touch is still in the house…her fancy light switchplates are still there.

living room view two

A hanging lamp is still hung in the living room…just a different one.

Dining room

The Dining Room looking back out the way we came in.

We ventured upstairs.  They just use the two bedrooms up there for storage.  The ceilings have been redone.  The stairs are still the same and so is the old railing upstairs…but a new hand rail has been added to assist the climb upwards.


So much for our trip down memory lane this week.  We think it is great that this home was updated and that it is being used again.   “The Cottage” is a perfect name for it.

The carpet used to be a two tone gold color, before that Far Guy says it was a grey color. The kitchen and hallway used to have linoleum, the bedrooms had hardwood floors.

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Andrea said...

Oh what beautiful pictures! I think one of the saddest things in life is to see a former dwelling not being taken care of & it falling into disrepair or being torn down. I'm so glad this house is being well loved. ~Andrea xoxo

linda m said...

That is so neat that you were able to take that trip down memory lane in Far Guy's old house. Wis I could see either of the old houses I used to live in. I've driven by both and one is in dis-repair the other seems to be kept up. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

The TV is in the wrong spot.

DJan said...

Hw wonderful to visit an old home like that. And I too am glad it is being used so well. Thanks for the story about this old home. :-)

Tired Teacher said...

I cringed when I read they painted the solid oak cabinets. Oak is such a beautiful wood - paint pine, but NEVER paint oak!

Rita said...

I have always preferred real wood and being able to see the beautiful color and grain. Never have liked painted woodwork in homes that much, but it probably did brighten it up and they wanted it cheerier I suppose. So nice that it is being used--and for such a good purpose, too. Just can never go back home. :)

Karen said...

The paint makes it seem nice and bright. I love wood grain, but I have been dying to paint my old oak cabinets white. Just brightens it up so much, and makes is so much fresher. I like the little cubbies above the cabinets with the sliding doors. A pain to get into though, but cute! So nice to see the old house looked after, and it must make FarGuy very happy. We have driven past our previous home....what a dump it is now :-(

Red said...

Somebody has done a very nice renovation job.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

A nice visit to remember the good old days.

L. D. said...

It is so nice that the reuse was a friendly remodel. With things being torn down over night it is great that it is still there. My wife's home farm has been totally cleared now after being a farmstead 140 years. Strip malls will be weaving in and out on a very busy three lane highway. My wife lived there when it was a gravel road.

Granny Marigold said...

How very lucky you were that you were able to tour the house and take pictures. Great that it has been kept in very good condition.

Jacqi Stevens said...

For being a home from the 1940s, that place sure looks well kept up! What an experience to go back and take a look. It never is quite the same, is it?

Sam I Am...... said...

It lacks the warmth that a real family living in it and loving it adds. But at least it has been maintained. I'm sure Far Guy's Mom had it decorated so cozy like my Aunt's did. My parent's did French Provincial which to me is too fancy and very cold. I liked my Aunt and Uncles homes better....they were truly "homey" if that's a word? LOL!