Tuesday, December 27, 2016


We all like a good puzzle.  It is addicting…kinda like those pistachios that Far Guy is addicted to!


Those pieces did not fit.  Two of them.  I wrote the company an email and complained.

Less than five minutes later Handy Andy solved the dilema, one piece was not a good fit in it’s spot, he found the problem piece and fixed it which in turn made the other two pieces fit fine.


This was a very difficult puzzle, the sky and the grass drove us nuts.  Jen says that puzzles should be rated for their difficulty and this one would rate real high. We left it out on my desk for a long time…it was a very pretty puzzle.

There was some double tapping and sometimes even a triple tap!

Everyone is back home safely and the house seems empty….even Chance misses the company.

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  1. Good Morning, That is a lovely puzzle. I confess that I have never worked on a puzzle. What seems to relax most people drives me nuts! lol
    We are a little stir crazy from being indoors the last few days. Hopefully day we can get out and take a drive.
    Glad your family members arrived home safely.
    Hugs to you guys and Chance.

  2. I haven't done a puzzle since I was a kid. What does it mean to tap, double tap or triple tap. Does it have something to do with the rotation of the puzzle piece? Thank you. I have a puzzle that I have put in my Amazon cart that I am contemplating. However, we do have 2 cats and one of them can be very mischievous. Thank you - Ranee (MN)

    1. When you find a piece that fits, you tap the top of that piece to get others working on the puzzles attention. If you really want to brag you double or triple tap! :)

  3. At the Senior Center, there is always a table with a puzzle in progress. I notice that some people cannot walk by without checking it out and working for a little while. I'm not one of them, but I've done a few puzzles in my day. :-)

  4. That is a pretty puzzle. After all the work, I hate tearing one apart and putting it back in the box.

  5. Great work on the puzzle. I know some people like to glue puzzles together, but I think it's a waste of a good puzzle. After admiring it for a few days, I tear it apart and put the pieces in a plastic zip bag so I can work on it another time.

  6. It feels empty at our place too. I got puzzles for Christmas too and I agree that they should rate the difficulty of puzzles.

  7. Puzzles can be quite addictive! That looks like it was a hard one. Glad you got the pieces sorted out in the end. :)

  8. Funny how it seems so quiet after everybody leaves.

  9. My mother loved puzzles. She had some so big they would not fit on the dining room table and sometimes we spent months putting them together on the floor. The worst puzzle ever was Carnation Lily Lily Rose by John Singer Sargent. I don't know why but we just couldn't finish it. It's in the Tate in London. A pretty picture but impossible puzzle. Rousseau's Tiger in a Tropical Storm was awful to complete too. That's in the National Gallery in London.
    The biggest puzzle we did was a map of the world. It took us ages and maybe you can imagine us tiptoeing round the side of the room so as not to disturb the pieces. Even the dog realised she had to take care!

  10. My Mother and I used to work puzzles. In fact, I still have the card table we used. That is a pretty one and the rating is a great idea!

  11. I didn't know about double taps or triple taps either. ;) Congrats!

  12. Not much of a puzzler. Didn't know about the taps.


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