Sunday, December 4, 2016

Paige: Winter Formal 2016

We went up North to take photos of Paige, she is a Senior this year and this is her last Winter Formal.  She asked a boy who is just a friend to go with her.  The girls ask the boys to Winter Formal.

Paige was tired.  She had two Hockey Games last week. When we got to the house she was asleep, but quickly got up and dressed for photos.

Paige Winter Formal


Her two piece gown was covered in sequins.

Paiges two piece dress

After home photos we went where her group was gathering.

Paiges Friends

Paige and her friends.

Girls and garters

Girls and garters

Group photo

Group photo

Paige and her date

Paige and her date


I hope she had a good time. After the dance they will go back to a friends home for a safe chaperoned remainder of the night.

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Henny Penny said...

Paige is adorable! She must be very sweet to wake up for a photo shoot.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I've enjoyed all the years of photos. Wonder how many now? Isn't it interesting how we adopt each others families. Nice :-).

Cynthia said...

So many sparkles and pretty girls! I hope Paige had a wonderful time and gets to rest up today.

DJan said...

She is so beautiful! I love the sequins, which seems to be rather popular among the girls, and rightly so. Just lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing her big day with me. :-)

Mac n' Janet said...

Wow! A hockey player and beautiful too.

Linda W. said...

Your granddaughter is beautiful! I hope she had a good time at the dance.

Linda Reeder said...

What a bevy of beautiful girls and handsome guys!

Rita said...

So pretty! How great to go in a big group like that. I bet they had a blast! :)

Red said...

Awesome granddaughter.

Karen said...

What beautiful dresses they all have! When I think back to mine, it just can't compare. I've never understood the garter thing, they just seem weird. And no, there was no throwing of the garter at my wedding, as there was no garter! ;-)

Paula said...

Our Winter Formal was in November! Girls ask boys here too. Harley finally got up the nerve to ask a couple of boys but waited too late. They already had dates. She won't wait as long next year. I told her she should have asked one of her guy friends. But she wouldn't. The two-piece dress is all the rage, isn't it??

Granny Marigold said...

What a pretty granddaughter you have !

Jacqi Stevens said...

What a lovely group! I hope they had a great time. Exciting for Paige--last Winter Formal as a senior--but bittersweet, too, I imagine, when they all graduate and go their separate ways.

L. D. said...

It is such a wonderful time for the kids to do this formal thing. Paige has really grown up from when I first met her on your blog.

Sam I Am...... said...

How lovely she is and she had the best looking date of the bunch! I wish I looked that good when I was tired! LOL!