Sunday, December 11, 2016

OCD and Christmas Decorating

I have a fair amount of OCD. I betcha never guessed that.

This year I put the Nativity on the left and the Angel on the right above the fireplace. Really pressing the limits. I made the Nativity figures in a ceramics class in 1986.  Far Guy made me the creche out of pine lumber.  The tall Angel came from a  garage sale over on Bass Lake one year I think I paid a dollar for it.

Nativity and Angel

We rearranged the living room for the tree…that is out of our usual box also.  Chance must have OCD also as he looks bewildered when he cannot make the circle…I have it blocked by the loveseat.

Tree with lights

We have never had the tree in this corner before. The ornaments may survive dog tails better in the corner.

No ornaments on the downstairs tree yet but the tree is up and it has lights!  I am working on the tree upstairs…it is almost ready to decorate.

Had to take a break in the late afternoon.  I warmed up a corn bag and snuggled with it under a down quilt and watched the 1943 Movie Lassie Come Home and then I had a nap.  I got up and cooked us a wonderful supper.  Steak, sweet potatoes and green beans.  Far Guy was not sold on the sweet potatoes he said “I wasn’t looking forward to the sweet potatoes but they weren’t too bad.”

It was –20 F or –28 C eh on Saturday morning.  Too cold to snow…so it didn’t.

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  1. I can not even imagine it being -20 degrees! I can hardly stand to go outside because it's 23 above freezing here! I like the nativity and the angle set-up, it's pretty, and the blue tree looks cold and Christmasy. Mama always thought blue Christmas lights in a window were pretty, and so do I.

  2. I love your crèche. Handmade is the best. It's almost always good to change things up -- except when you are moving around on automatic pilot and forget!

  3. I have a touch of OCD as well, but the funny thing is that my daughter comes over, inspects the decorations, and says things like "That doesn't go there. Why did you use that wreath. Where's the elf?"

  4. I'd be willing to guess that everybody has a bit of OCD, especially when it involves the holidays (the food, the events, and the decorations).

  5. Minus 28 C? That's cold than here! Well the cold is giving you a good chance to decorate.

  6. We watched that movie also, never tire of some of the old movies.
    Happy decorating, I just didn't have the will- no family coming this year.

  7. Snowing today, though. Warmed up to 12 degrees--LOL!
    I totally understand OCD tendencies, as you may have guessed also. ;)
    Hope you are feeling better.

  8. Your OCD seems to serve you well! We usually start to decorate on Dec. 15 (courtesy of Peter's OCD), so we're hoping the painters and electricians, etc., are done with us by then. Hope to be back and blogging regularly very soon. Take care.

  9. Oh my gosh that is too cold for me to even think about!! We have had wind chills in the single digits here and that is cold enough. Love the nativity and the tree!!

  10. I don't have my tree yet- hopefully next Saturday.
    I do have a few decorations up, but we are still renovating so I'm a bit slow this year. I'm thinking blue lights this year.
    I have my Nativity set up (except Baby Jesus, who goes in the manger on Christmas eve.)

  11. Poor Chance, he doesn't know what is going on. Just about the time he gets used to things being this new way things will change again. Putting all the decorations up seems like a lot of work so I like to do it early enough so I get to enjoy it for at least 5 weeks! Oldest son's bd is Jan 6 and I've been known to have my house still in Christmas mode.

  12. Whoa Nellie! That is cold! I don't blame you for getting "neath the kivers"! Stay warm! I have a feeling everyone's heating bills are going to be higher this year...lots higher! It is much colder than normal here too but not that cold! We were in the low 20's last week in the mornings when I got up. This morning was 37. Poor Annie needs a blanket now at night so I know Winter is here!

  13. Your whole arrangement works well. We had to do an informal arrangement because of the wreathe in the middle. Our tree in the bay window still gets brushed a little as he wants to lay down right next to it. Your stockings are great pieces.

  14. They tell me a change is as good as a rest...I doubt it though and it sounds like Chance agrees.


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