Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Curly Ribbon Angel

My Curly Ribbon Angel needed a little repair.  She is made from  a Styrofoam Ball, Kraft Paper Twist Ribbon (3 ft), a jumbo spool of Curly Ribbon, ribbon for angel wings, some curly hair and a few trims…oh and a bud vase.

This angel is so old that there are no instructions anymore.  So I will attempt to explain how to make her!  I looked for instructions on the Internet…even on Pinterest with no luck.
Untwist your twist ribbon, take about two feet of ribbon fold it in half and cover the Styrofoam ball secure by tying a string at the base of the ball, let the other end be (tails).  Cut another piece of kraft twist ribbon about a foot long and insert it just below the head, half for a left arm and half for a right arm. You can tie another string around the bottom of the arms to keep them from slipping.  Twist the remainder of your tails into a round rope shape.

Curly Ribbon…I used the better part of a 500 yard spool.  I wrapped it around and around the legs of a chair…you want about a four foot hank that you will tie together in two equally spaced places. Choose an area near one of those tied spots and slip it over the head of the angel, half on one side of her head and half on the other. You can tie it in place if you wish. You will cut the ribbon in a little bit…be patient.

Now for her wings..attach ribbon with four loops…I most likely used a piece of wire to attach mine to the inside body…have two loops come out to the right and two to the left.  Tie a piece of cord…mine was green where her high waist would be.

Back of the angel
Now you can cut the other part of the ribbon that is tied together.
Under the skirt
See the tail in the center? (The dark spot toward the center)  Form it so that it fits into your vase.  You can glue it if you wish, I didn’t.  You can always wind more kraft ribbon around it to make it fit snug.
Then the fun begins as you can curl ribbon to your hearts content.  The more wraps you made the more you have to curl.

The finishing touches are fluffing the twist ribbon to look like arms and add an embellishment…mine used to have two roses but one was lost so she now has a bit of sparkly pipe cleaner.  Glue some curly hair on her head and make her a halo….mine is silver garland with stars.
Mine sits on the shelf above the television.

I made her about 15-20 years ago at one of the Cousin’s get togethers.  She stores well all the curly ends seem to do just fine no matter how I arrange her inside a Christmas tote.
It snowed …again..and got cold again. Typical December weather for Minnesota. The Wind Chills are horrible.
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DJan said...

Brr! That weather sounds awful. But that pretty Christmas angel takes the sting out of the weather. Maybe anyway. Thanks for the instructions, but I'll leave it to talented people like you. :-)

linda m said...

She is a beautiful Christmas angel. Bitter cold here also. Wind chill has it in the minus numbers. Time to hibernate.

Tired Teacher said...

Cute angel: she sounds easy to make.

It's the wind chill that makes Winter unpleasant for me; perhaps, that's due to the times I had to go out and do chores on the farm whether I wanted to or not. Sure glad those days are behind me.

L. D. said...

I like the effect of the ribbons. It is a fun project. I was reminded of the Reader's Digest angels, or maybe they were trees. Your project is really classy.

Rita said...

She's really cute! Yup--2 degrees here this morning--and windy! Says feels like -16. I believe them and do not plan to go outside and see for myself--LOL! ;)

Linda W. said...

What a pretty angel! Glad you were able to fix her up.

Cynthia said...

I love to curl ribbon. This might be a good project for me!

Unknown said...

Well isn't she cute!

vickit43 said...

Love the curly angel! I will have to try this next year. I have been so slack making ornaments this year. Thanks for sharing.

The Furry Gnome said...

That's a really neat angel!

Linda Reeder said...

Your angel is clearly a treasure to you. I'm glad all she needed was a little refurbishing.

Paula said...

What a wonderful angel!!

Linda said...

I have one that's similar but she needs a healing too😋

Jacqi Stevens said...

With all your crafting ideas, YOU could put up enough for your own Pinterest pages!

Sam I Am...... said...

Isn't she pretty! I love curly ribbon and still use it. I've never seen anything like that....very unique and it;s amazing she hasn't lost her curls in all that time.