Sunday, September 25, 2016


Years ago in May of 2009 I bought a spinning wheel at my Uncle Otto and Aunt Marie’s Auction Sale.  It belonged to Otto’s Grandmother and it came on a ship from Norway about 1880 something.

It has been on my bucket list.  First to see if it spins.  Not sure if I can learn to spin but I wanted to know if it still worked.  We had so many oddball accessories, who knew what went with the spinning wheel and what did not. 

Spinning Wheel

This is my wheel and the accessories.  Only two of the bobbins and the bobbin winder go with this wheel.  The blue and red bobbins are too long to be used with this wheel. The rest of it goes with some kind of Industrial Spinning “stuff.”  The one long handled piece of wood might be a laundry stick.

I met Bruce back in May.  He was anxious to see my wheel and see if it worked.

Spinning wheel and bruce woking on it

Bruce put cord around the wheel and oiled it here and there.  He said “It is in pretty good shape for how old it is.”  He also said at one time it was painted blue.

Bruce and spinning wheel

The winder was stiff, it took awhile and some more oil before he gave it a whirl.

Yes it spins

He adjusted it here and there…see it does spin.  He used T Pins to hold the leather in place he said I could switch them out for toothpicks.

I took lots of photos because we had to take it apart to bring it home.  As soon as we got it upstairs we put it back together again. 

One of these days I will give it a whirl.  Not that I need another hobby…but at least I can say I tried to spin.

Most people name their spinning wheels.  Most of the time they are named after women.  Mine will be different….Otto Bruce has a nice ring to it!

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  1. That spinning wheel caught my eye and my heart skipped a beat. It is beautiful! Yes, I like that name. I have always wanted a spinning wheel. Mama used to talk about her mother spinning and weaving and it has stayed with me. Wow!

  2. That is wonderful! What a precious heirloom. Don't you just wonder what has been produced from that wheel?
    Before I scrolled down to the Bruce part, I was ready to fly back to Minnesota and try it out for you!

  3. Oh my, what a beauty! I can only imagine the stories your wheel could tell. Certainly hope you'll give it a try more than once.

  4. What a treasure and how grand that Bruce could get it spinning! Have fun.

  5. What a beautiful piece! And an immigrant wheel too! What a treasure. Fun post. I don't own a wheel, but use a drop spindle...rarely. Fun post! If Cynthia flies back to try it for you, I'm coming with her!!!

  6. OMG!! That is just so exciting--not only to just have it but to find out it still works! I can't imagine you won't try it out. What fun! :)

  7. I like that name: Blue Bruce came to mind when I heard it was once blue. :-)

  8. How wonderful to have that old wheel and to have it back in working condition! My mother-in-law was a weaver and a spinner. I have great appreciation for those crafts.

  9. That's very cool to have an old spinning wheel, especially one that was handed down from your ancestors.

  10. Spinning wheels really get my curiosity going. I've seen them work and to me it's amazing.

  11. What a treasure you've got there. I had an Uncle who made spinning wheels but I wasn't interested enough at the time to ask him to make me one. Now he's been gone for years.

  12. How delightful, and kudos for getting it working again. Can't wait to see your first project. We have a Pioneer Museum that has a working spinning wheel and someone who knows how to run it!

  13. Oh lucky you! What a beautiful wheel! When I move I am going to get a spinning wheel and learn. The next step after that will be my own sheep but I'll probably never get that far and at this stage I really don't want any responsibility for anything or anyone else. You go girl!

  14. I've always thought that spinning looked very meditative and have also wanted to try it - along with the thousand other things I still want to try!

  15. That is so awesome! When I read or hear spinning, that is what I think of. When a friend said she was going to spinning class I though she meant this spinning. Nope, it was riding a stationary bike really fast! We never have to many hobbies or project.


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