Thursday, September 1, 2016

ID and Chance’s Owie

My Military ID was about to expire, luckily we checked it on Monday and it expired on Wednesday.  SO…we made a quick trip to Fargo.  Within 20 minutes I had an ID again.  I am good for four more years.  Spouses of Military get a permanent ID when they are 75…well I am not there just yet.

Letting it expire would have been a hassle with fourty forms of ID plus a stool sample.  I swear they are getting really picky…as it was I needed two photo ID’s that had not expired.

Fargo Air National guard



I hung my camera out the window and took this photo.

We only made one stop and were back home in just about 4 hours start to finish.  Just in time to work on more Christmas Ornaments.

Chance had a good ride, his ears are better and his big owie is looking okay.  Yesterday I clipped the hair short all around the owie so hair doesn’t mat so bad and so I can keep an eye on it.  He has had more of those long black seeds with the hook on the end but none have been embedded like that one that pierced his skin. I think the seeds come from Common Black Snakeroot.

Warning: Photo of the owie.

Chances Owie

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  1. Glad you got that taken care of.
    Please give Chance a hug from us.
    I recently had to renew my driver's license. Had EVERYthing but what I needed. You should see my photo after that ordeal! lol

  2. Glad you got that taken care of before it expired. Nothing worse than trying to renew something that has expired. Like toy said they everything except the "kitchen sink" tp prove you are you. GAlso very happy Chance is feeling better and his owie is healing.

  3. How clever you are to notice BEFORE it expired! That was cutting it close though.

  4. You made me laugh with the stool sample joke. At least I HOPE it was. Poor Chance. He's lucky you pay such good attention to all those owies, though. :-)

  5. My Military ID is good for a couple more years. I was wondering when I'd get a permanent one.

  6. Oh, poor Chance. I'm glad it's doing better....its so hard to have our fur kids hurting.


  7. A Stool Sample!!!!
    That wouldn't have surprised me.
    Now you know who really reads what you write.
    Some people comment and you know they didn't read
    what you wrote. Hugs to Chance

  8. I hope I never need two photo id's for anything. I only have one!! Have a good Labor Day weekend!!

  9. Our neighbor lady has us go down and drive around the base once in a while. I don't like dogs having owies.

  10. Poor Chance! Speedy healing to him.

  11. Those seeds can be big trouble if they stay unnoticed and keep moving into the dog's body. Glad you found it when you did and Chance is feeling better.

  12. I.D.s and other certificates are valuable. I let my pilot's license go as it got too expensive to fly.

  13. You were lucky you noticed when you did that your Military ID was about to lapse. So good that Chance's sore is healing.

  14. Good catch on the ID and Chance's seed wound. Both were handled in time.

  15. I've been pulling seeds off Thea after our trail ride on Monday. Good thing she has thin puppy fur, they are easy to find. Tess stayed on the trail and didn't get any, at lest not that I can find. Hope Chance heals up fine.

  16. Ouch! I hope it heals up fast....poor Chance. Annie has been ill lately with upset stomach and the runs (so fun for all involved!) and her back is bothering her. I'm going to Wally World today for a new bed for her and more carpet shampoo! LOL! Glad you got your id and it's nice to "get out of town" occasionally.


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